Whoa, e-mail changeover overload

Bloody Hell!!  I never realised we were subscribed to so much e-mail stuff until I started to painstakenly go through all the subscriptions and change over to our new e-mail address.  Internet banking, mailing lists, Amazon, uni accounts, Photobucket, Yahoo groups, etc etc etc.  Upside of my tired eyes is that I have seriously reduced the amount of spammish crap that comes into our inbox.  Downside is that I've probably forgotten to change something really important.  Oh well, that's life.

Have been busy downloading stuff on our new plan - latest Dr Who (which d/l in about 30 minutes, and made me one happy little downloader), Veronica Mars 2:20 (no comment, because I'm still spitting chips over that one) and just because I can now, Gilmore Girls ::hugs 60 gigabyte download limit, spits on old 10 gigabyte plan::   Have instruction from the boy to search out new eps of Family Guy, American Dad and Drawn Together.

J has just left to travel up to Sydney tonight with a carload of mates to see what will probably be a delightful show featuring the mellifluous tones of KORN, Disturbed, Hatebreed and 10 Years ::shudder::    They're staying overnight as well, at an hotel near the stadium. A few hours of peace ... no X-Box or Farscape (he's in the middle of a Farscape-a-thon, 2 seasons down, 2 to go) booming out of his room, and none of that stuff he calls music making my ears bleed. 

I think a quiet evening watching Dr Who and sipping a few cold ales is a definite possibility.
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Yay for new downloading plan! You can download an episode in 30 minutes? That's really impressive!

BSG went into the mail yesterday (sorry for taking so long!) so hopefully it should arrive soon.

::goes and downloads VM 2x20::
I think the download speed is better when an episode is a few days old, via bittorrent - I, of course , usually can't wait a few days ... !!!

More BSG - THANK YOU so much for doing that. Now I can get my 2 other BSG-mad friends off my back.

Interesting to hear what you think of VM 2:20 ...
It's the thought of all the change notifications that has kept me with the same service provider, despite being able to get better and/or cheaper deals elsewhere. If I ever did take the plunge I think I'd go with my yahoo or gmail addy, then wouldn't have to be tied to the provider any more.

Glad your new plan is providing you with many happy hours of viewing in record time.
I couldn't believe the number of changes I had to make, but it is definitely worth it.

Australian TV is not very sci-fi/fantasy friendly (and that can flow on to other shows that don't rate with a week or so) - I've lost track of shows that appear briefly during primetime, then get relegated to am times, then disappear forever. This is no longer a concern - I'm now a downloading freak ...