Here's hoping ...

Jake has been shortlisted for a job. ::Fingers/toes/sundry appendages crossed::

Onto other things: "My favourite albums meme", courtesy of kassto

20 Top Albums - and can I say how I mightily peeved I am that several Australian groups/ albums weren't found, or that I had to select 'Best Of" type albums, rather than a particular album ...

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Fingers crossed for Jake! :-D

And great list, by the way. :-D

My fingers thank your fingers.

I suspect my album list may date me a little, but I've got new stuff too!! I'm a hip happening dudette, oh yeah :-)!!!
Hmmm, interesting list.. about half would be on my top 10 list, and then there's Band on the Run. I was always a John fan, myself.

Hope it pans out for Jake!
Some good Aussie artists there. To tell the truth, I forgot all about Kiwi and Aussie music when I did this. Deja Vu though -- classic. Almost Cut my Hair -- you should play that to your boy!