In our move to change ISPs, we had to put all the phone/internet accounts into one name.  Does anyone think that disconnecting the phone AND internet is necessary for this to happen - well, apparently it is, and it was supposed to happen simultaneously.  Telstra, in its infinite wisdom TURNED OFF our broadband connection yesterday (it was supposed to be today), and after numerous calls from me today, won't be able to be switched on until tomorrow.  So it can be turned off in an instant, but requires an order to be placed, and 48 hours of waiting, before it can be turned back on.  Am I more than a little frustrated - you betcha baby.  Has my voice gone from patient, to terse, to when the hell are you going to do something about this - that would be a big YES.  How will my frame of mind be when I ring at 8pm tonight to place 'my order' for the reconnection, and they tell me, why no we can't do that tomorrow.  My friends in the States and Britain may hear my screams at 8:05pm.

To add to my frustration I had to do get some info off the 'net for uni, so have dragged myself to the uni library, thinking that maybe I could use the laptop and the library wireless network - after the nice young man helped the doddery old fool (yes, I am being sarcastic) to load the required tutorial to connect to the wireless network and then spending another 15 mins trying to understand the IT gobbledegook, I  relented and waited in line for a uni computer.  So here I am!!  Pissed off, bloody furious, and looking for someone to take it out on ... come in spinner!

Better get the info I need and get home.  One for the road ... GGGRRRRRR!!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!
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Oh, Telstra is so stupid. It'll be over soon...:)

::kicks Telstra for you::
Yippee!! It only took two phonecalls today to get the broadband working.

::kicks stupid Telstra with you::
Music working, soothing almost complete, AND the connection is back. It's all good.

I did so love DarkWesley, what's not to love about a man who knows how to handle his guns!
::backs away slowly, hands outstretched::

Dontcha hate updating on public computers? It's like getting undressed!

Good luck with with the reconnect.
I'm safe now. Only two phonecalls needed today, and the connection is back up.

Public computers - UGH! Feel so dirty if you even think about going to Spuffy Realm or somewhere like that, keep looking over your shoulder to see who's looking at you.

More VM & Lost sent yesterday.