The Five Question Meme ...

... which goes something like this:  Courtesy of fer1213 - the way it works is this - she asked me 5 questions in her journal, which I then answered here. If you want to play too, comment here and I'll ask you 5 questions which you can then answer in your own journal.


1. Since you're Australian, I must ask: Vegemite Sandwich?


Maybe not sandwich, but definitely on toast! My husband likes vegie and cheese sandwiches - a taste sensation, but I suspect only for us Aussies.  Vegemite on little bits of toast are one of the first things we are given as solid food when babies - perhaps it’s more indoctrination, or as the Borg would say assimilation - we really aren’t given a choice, but having said that, I would never not have Vegemite in the cupboard.

2. What is your absolute favorite thing to do on the weekend?


Sit in the backyard with hubbie, the weekend newspapers, a big cup of Cappuccino, the dog, the feeding wild birds (parrots, cockatoos, rosellas, bower-birds), and do nothing but watch the world go by.

3. If you were going to write a letter to anyone in the world, who would it be and what would you say?


Dear Joss,


When are you coming back to TV?  Television is the less without you.  We miss you, all is forgiven.


Your adoring fan,



It was either that or a political tirade against our Prime Minister, so I went for the safer, shorter option.

4. To get to know you a little better, can you tell me your age, your sign, your best feature and your favorite color of toe nail polish (or why you don't use it)?


45; Leo; patience (with my boys I really need it); my rotundness and arthritic knees combine to make that a forgotten practice.

5. What's the scariest thing you've ever done?


Returned to studying in my late 30s, didn’t know whether I could do it and pass the subjects, but I have and then some.


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Sorry -- that was very presumptuous of me to gatecrash your dinner with Caraway, even just in spirit! Guess I just would like to be there and meet you both!

Just ignore me!

It's funny because I met quite a few people at Writercon but it wasn't half as convivial as it would be with just one or two in someone's home. I much better with just one or two people. It was kind of overwhelming in Vegas. For a shy little twerp like me, anyway!
No, no - don't worry about gatecrashing - you will be there in spirit - after all you were the one to encourage me to start posting and 'connecting' with others on LJ, so none of this would be happening without you!

I think I would have found Writercon overwhelming as well, strange town, lots of BNFs (big name fans). I have enough concerns about my appearance when meeting people in new situations, without the added worry of meeting lots of new people.