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Method in my madness

Obviously I need to write more essays in which I don't understand the question, because I just got back the one I was so freaked out about, and I ended up with 84%.  Weird as ...

I'm quietly enjoying this subject, although I'm still attempting to wrap my mind around the process, and meaning, of adaptation.  What makes a successful adaptation - is it faithfulness to the original text, or something more; can you make a successful adaptation by completely changing the cardinal functions (the main aspects of the narrative/plot); is it only successful if it is seen as a new text, rather than a secondary text, in comparison to the original; why do an adapation at all?  Hopefully I'll have the answers to all this (and more!) when I go to write the final essay for this subject (which will be my final, final, final essay for my BA).

Now back to the mundanity of domestic life.
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