A horse, my kingdom for a horse ...

Can I just say that Richard III (or al least Shakespeare's Richard III) is one skanky, conniving arsehole, or as Queen Margaret describes him:

Thou elvish-marked, abortive, rooting hog,
Thou that wast sealed in thy nativity
The slave of nature and the son of hell.
Thou slander of thy heavy mother’s womb.
Thou loathèd issue of thy father’s loins.
Thou rag of honour, thou detested— 

I thoroughly enjoyed Al Pacino's Looking for Richard.  I think it is very successful in making the play more 'accessible' to the audience, because the play is one bloody confusing piece of work, unless you're an expert on the Houses of York, Lancaster and Tudor, which I most definitely am not.  Pacino also does a very clever job of paralleling the play's characters with his own 'cast' - himself as the director, his producers, his staff, his actors etc etc.  The only bad thing is the casting of Lady Anne - I have liked Winona Ryder is a few things (Heathers, Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael) but she really is out of place here.  Now onto Bridget Jones and her flippin' diary ...
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Yeah, well some people reckon he even made up half the stuff we say today, but he's far too old to be that cool.....