An adjunct to my previous post (subtitled Bloody Men!!)

I did enjoy our little vacation as previously reported in my most recent post, but had a major breathing problem whilst staying with caraway_ and family.  Finally got a chance to get checked out by a doctor today - 2 chest x-rays later, I've been diagnosed with bilateral bronchitis and borderline pneumonia.  I knew the coughing and the heavy breathing meant something.  Of course, I won't mention the snigger I got from BM when I suggested I may have pneumonia prior to the visit to the doctor, will I? 
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Thanks so much Jen! I'm thinking that someone needs more than a wet noodle whip. Sympathy is a lonely place in our household ... but I can now indulge in the 12 eps of S2 Battlestar Galactica without feeling too guilty.
Ai ai ai! Maybe you shoulda left earlier...

Glad you saw the doctor (didn't he say that nothing was going on before you left?), hope you are better soon. Did he put you on anti-biotics?
Same medical centre - different doctor, and one who apparently is competent because the gunk must have been around my lungs for a while, and she managed to find it! Antibiotics have been prescribed - 2 of them actually, amoxyllin and rulide.
Eep, that sounds serious. Hope you get better soon!!! ::hugs::

And yeah, I actually don't know how to convert media files into video CDs, hence the .avi thing. :)
Thank you - least now I've got an excuse to lie down and watch BSG and Stargate SG-1, and there's new VM this week!

Fortunately our laptop has a programme that converts avi to mpeg - the one I have on the PC is crashing all the time.