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Slowly catching up

1.  My brother's big birthday bash was bloody brilliant (am I the alliteration Queen or what?).  Well apart from the misfunctioning dvd that had the presentation on it (Wah!!).  Everyone was very patient, and finally, on the third try, we got the presentation to play through.  My brother even wanted to look at it again the next day, and ended up getting all sniffly when he did (my big boofy brother is very rarely emotional, so it was kind of one of those moments).  My brother had a great time, and it was good to catch up with everyone.  Haven't had a chance to download the pics yet, but hope to do so tomorrow.  Be prepared for PicSpam, and the extraordinary cuteness of my two great-nieces!!  

2.  The break away was good, but reality hits us - smack in the face - on our return.  Ma-in-law's problem is not what she thought or told us, but her doctor rang BM and filled us in, so at least we know what's the what.  She has a virus in her eye (good ol' herpes simplex) which is causing problems - it may cause permanent damage to an already damaged eye (she suffered from temporal arteritis which restricted the blood flow to her eye).  We will have to play a waiting game to find out what damage has been done.  The toilet will need repairing - considering the slackness of our landlord, that could take months - we may have to engage in a persistent letter writing campaign ::sigh::  The fault with the lights has been rectified (yay Electrician*BM!).

3.  Of course the take home exam for my uni subject is on the text I missed out on last week - DUH!  So now I have to scramble around printing off the screenplay, and trying to find time to watch Confessions of a Headhunter.  At least it's a short film - only 30 mins.  Then all I have to do is write an essay to be handed back in next Monday on the following:

Consider and comment on Brian McFarlane's adaptation of Roland Barthes's theories concerning narrative functions (the most important kinds of transfer possible from novel to film are located in the categories of functions proper, rather than that of indices).  In particular, use Archie Weller/Sally Riley's (short story, screenplay and film) to explain, support or contest.

Yeah, right - piece of cake ...

4.  Off to the doctor myself this afternoon to hopefully find the cause of my annoyingly persistent hacking cough.

5.  Hope to attempt to catch up on LJ.

6.  Finally, a big thank you to my wonderful LJ friendskylee who has sent me the first 12 eps of S2 of Battlestar Galactica - now, if I can just find the time to watch them ...

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