The road from hell ... or nine and a half hours from elsewhere to reality

So, we motored back from Melbourne today, after a pleasant sojourn with caraway_ and family - 9 hours or so of motoring snoredom along the Hume Highway.  A pleasant week or so away (details to follow PLUS piccies) to lob right back into reality - non-functioning toilet, electrical issues, and (deep, deep sigh) M-I-L issues!  Mum-in-law forgot we were away (gotta love those dementia issues) - poor old J bore the brunt of assorted phonecalls, but ma-in-law's doctor also chimed in - he's worried about her (join the queue).  She's lost the sight in one eye (yep, just what we needed - poor old BM, he gets to take her to the specialist tomorrow) - WELCOME BACK ... ... ... 
Oh dear, hope you had a good sleep in your own bed for all of the strife. Poor M-I-L and poor you: sounds like a grind ahead.