The road from hell ... or nine and a half hours from elsewhere to reality

So, we motored back from Melbourne today, after a pleasant sojourn with caraway_ and family - 9 hours or so of motoring snoredom along the Hume Highway.  A pleasant week or so away (details to follow PLUS piccies) to lob right back into reality - non-functioning toilet, electrical issues, and (deep, deep sigh) M-I-L issues!  Mum-in-law forgot we were away (gotta love those dementia issues) - poor old J bore the brunt of assorted phonecalls, but ma-in-law's doctor also chimed in - he's worried about her (join the queue).  She's lost the sight in one eye (yep, just what we needed - poor old BM, he gets to take her to the specialist tomorrow) - WELCOME BACK ... ... ... 
Ah sorry you had to come back to all that. Take care of yourself and try not to let it all get you down any more than it has to.

Think it hit harder because we'd had the break - sort of like stepping out of a dream right back into reality ...
Yeah, I got pretty down when we came back from holiday and I didn't come back to any dramas at all. It was just knowing that the trip was over and that I didn't have anything to look forward to...

Add that feeling to all the problems you had when you got home... I hope things are beginning to sort themselves out now.

More *hugs*
Oh dear, hope you had a good sleep in your own bed for all of the strife. Poor M-I-L and poor you: sounds like a grind ahead.