The common cold ...

is the tool of some big evil thingie that wants to mess with our lives when we least want to be messed with - so much for getting everything done that I wanted this week. Getting out of bed is about all I could manage over the past couple of days - my arthritic aches have aches, but I've managed to iron J's clothes for a job interview tomorrow, and now will take my poor virus ridden body back to bed.
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Oooooh nooooo, Mr. Bill! Aren't you supposed to be setting out on your Road Trip soon?
Why, yes we are - tomorrow morning, in fact, and despite the fact that all I've wanted to do today was stay in bed and watch Press Gang on the laptop, I've gotten J off to his 10am interview, done several loads of washing, defrosted the freezer, grocery shopped for J, and paid various bills (as well as, most importantly, d/l the latest Lost). At least tomorrow I know I can sleep for 4 hours in the car on the way to Grenfell!!