The power of a letter

I transferred some funds into J's account today - he just checked to see if the transaction had gone through, and was surprised that there was more money than I had put in.  Last week BM drafted a letter to the scumbucket company that J slaved for briefly - they were refusing to pay him monies owed because the contract he had signed (of which he was not given a copy) stated no wages would be paid if you didn't work for 7 days at least..  The letter BM drafted, and J signed, and I mailed (go team!!), stated Section whatever of the Industrial Relations Act and requested payment within 7 days of receipt of the letter, or we would make an official complaint to the Dept of Industrial Relations.  J checked his account again, yep that's exactly where the extra money came from.  Ahh, the pen is mightier than the sword.
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Yay for getting the money back!!

I've been having a bit of problem copying BSG, I think my CD writer is kind of broken! If you don't mind waiting I will get it fixed by weekend probably. (will be replacing it with my brother's old one) Sorry!