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I'm the only MATURE mature-aged student in my class.  This should be interesting.  I always feel a bit out of place at the best of times - eek!  There is also a heap of American Study Abroad students - they're not comfortable with us oldies at all, I guess because they don't encounter mature-aged students at their state universities.  Oh well, guess it's time to put on my opinionated older person personae - it's not a comfortable fit, but helps me get through.
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Hee! Time to pat them on the head and smile condescendingly when they say something stupid.

I think most of the older adults in this country attend night classes where the majority of the students are older and already working.

You will be the voice of
I can't wait for the discussion on "Bridget Jones' Diary" - not really a novel/film aimed at the 45+ age group - although one of my friend's/friends' [it's late - I have NO idea of where to put the apostrophe] keeps telling me the only redeeming feature of the film is Colin Firth, and therefore eminently watchable!!!
It IS late! (for you) Shouldn't you be asleep by now? LOL I liked BJD - and I left 45 behind a very long time ago. *grin*
I shall put aside all my prejudices of BJD, and make an informed opinion once I've read the bloody thing ;-)!!!
You need to be in my program. I was enroling mature students galore yesterday, some almost as thoughtful as you. Also this charmingly clueless American (and there do seem to be an ever-increasing amount in Aussie schools: climate? political climate? in this case, marriage) who is 5 months pregnant, and insisted on me enrolling her in a full second semester, including a weeklong intensive 4 weeks after the due date. Her husband works full time, but his brother works out of their home, and her parents are coming for a couple of weeks, so of course she can take on a full course load. I stifled my giggles, said: 'Look, you call the shots', and await her rendezvous with reality sometime in June.
Usually there are more than just little ol' mature me!! Maybe it's the subject - I'm sure Bridget Jones would scare anyone away.

We've got a pregnant student in my seminar group - due in April. Not sure what these people think about the aftermath of having a baby. Babies are not all that cooperative when it comes to schedules. Oh well, guess they're in for a steep learning curve.