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It's not Spike, but ...

Last week the first three Dresden talking books (you know the ones, narrated by Mr Marsters himself) were on eBay.  The first 2 went for $40 bucks or more.  SuperSniperMe got the third one for $15.  It arrived in the post today. I thought that it would make a funny/cute pressie for an LJ friend sometime during the year, but in the meantime, I'll have to listen to ALL 10 cds just to make sure they all work, right?, RIGHT?  I couldn't possibly give a faulty second-hand gift.  ::Adopts Faith-as-Buffy voice:: That would be wrong!

ETA: Where the F#*k is my header, LJ? Are we playing silly buggers again ... Wahhh, I don't want to have to redo it all again. ::kicks stupid LJ::

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Hee. I totally agree. I have listened to the audio CDs as well and they got me going all fangirl. Ahem. :-P
Now I'm inundated with things to do - my "Serenity" dvd turned up today! I quickly looked through the Q&A - you can't see me, but the friend I went with shows up - HEE!
I love listening to these audiobooks. I've got Storm Front on the mp3 and so often listen to random chapters just because I can. Got the latest one in mp3 format, which meant it was a lot cheaper and came on just the one disk.

LJ say there's a problem due to some changes they made (duh!). Your header should come back in due course (hopefully) when they've fixed the bugs the new code created.
I've ensured the first disc already! Think I'll save the rest for our road trip to Melbourne in March. Better take earphones though - don't think BM will enjoy listening to James all that much - HEE!

I've changed my LJ style, and the header returned. Stupid LJ I think I'll have to make it permanent because I don't know enough about formatting to fix the problem myself.
Thanks for the tip - I'll give it a go, but I suspect my limited computer know-how will leave me choosing a simple layout, much like the one I'm currently using.
OF COURSE you have to check and make sure they work. LOL

It's what any good friend would do, right?