And so I return ...

  • Been in a bit of a funk lately.  It was pretty horrible on Friday when the police released the names of our friends who were murdered - photos and videos of them were all over the TV, and then again on Saturday their photos etc were in the newspapers.  I sort of turned inward to deal, and switched off from most things.
  • Been trying to drag myself out of the quagmire, and have been fiddling with my LJ format, a thorough time sucking activity - God knows what it looks like to anyone else.  I've been doing most of the work on the laptop and everything looks totally different compared to the PC monitor.  Oh well, will probably loathe it tomorrow, and trash it (I suspect the colours will definitely be a WIP). I guess one day, I'll be ready to move on from my Spuffy header, but today's not the day - DAMNIT!
  • BM and I are heading south after my brother's 60th birthday party - off to visit friends at Albury, and then on to Melbourne to sponge off the wonderful hospitality of caraway_  and family.  I think a week's holiday is just what we need - roll on the first week of March.

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:( Sorry you've had a hard couple of days, I hope the media attention wanes so its not all in your face so much.

And have fun at the party! *HUGS*
The media quickly moves on to the next thing, thankfully.

Certainly looking forward to the break, not so sure about the family gathering!
I like your Nietzsche quote (very appropriate for Ultraviolet, by the way) and your new page, though the blue background is a little bright for me.

I guess one day, I'll be ready to move on from my Spuffy header
And hey, no need to move on. No need at all.

And yes, the media will soon move on to other things. Your family's had enough to do with violent death. I wonder what this is bringing up for your boy.
Have toned down the blue - think I'll be tinkering all day until I'm happy with the combo. The red and black was depressing me, blue seems more mellow.

Nietzsche has some very interesting things to say.

I've deliberately not said much around J, apart from letting him know initially.
One of the perpetrators turned himself in - the police arrested the female involved later the same day. The trial starts in April - I guess we'll find out more then.

The funeral is on Monday - not looking forward to it, but ...