Big birthday wishes to a great mate ...

Just popping in quickly to say:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY talesofspike

I can't give you a birthday story - I'm not talented like you, but you do get my heartfelt wishes for a fantabulous birthday.

P.S. I would have done a glittery, fancy thingie, but I'm a little glittered out at the moment. Despite my gloom, I still hope you have a great day!!!
Thank you, honey! And who needs a birthday story? All I need for a wonderful birthday is friends like you. Anyway, bringing up a family is far more of an achievement than writing a story, so you're not less talented than I am. Your talents just lie in different directions.

Having a restful day so far apart from trying to reduce the mountain of washing that needs to be done before we go away.

I know the feeling of gloom is probably something that you're going to have to work through before you can come to terms with what's happened, but I hope it doesn't last for too long. Take care, honey. *HUGS*