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Latest VM - sort of spoilerish, I guess if you haven't seen it

Nice touch!!! Kudos to Rob Thomas for the NUMBERS homage - hope Messrs Abrams and Lindelof appreciate it, PLUS Sam and Ralph - very funny!!!! Oh, I do love this show. It's sort of surreal watching S1 eps on free-to-air TV on the same night that we watch the downloaded S2 eps ... Heh, 4-8-15-16-23-42 ...
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Sigh. Because of the stupid Telstra limit, I've been trying to get the new VM episode for the past few days now and I still haven't finished the download. Is the episode good? ::is hopeful::
Bugger, I just wiped the ep from my hard drive last night, otherwise I'd burn you a copy!

I thought it was good, hubbie enjoyed it too. Will your speed go back on Feb 1? I could send you my copy, but it also has a "Lost" ep which I've promised to a friend's daughter. By the time I could get it to you, you would probably have it downloaded. I'll remember to keep eps on the hard drive a bit longer next time!!!
I think my email ate my reply - but yeah, my internet speed will go back on Feb 1, so I'll be able to get it then, if not before (I hope I can get it within these two days!). But thanks. :-)
I loved Lost, thanks! So is VM s2 improving, in your opinion?
I've been enjoying VM (after I got over my little snit of being 'ship played in the first ep). Maybe it's the dearth of anything half way decent that makes me grab on to VM ...

More Lost and VM for you in the post today!