Fandom is a funny thing ...

Gawd, stay away from LJ for a couple of days, and the fandom implodes all over the place.  It's especially funny considering my antithesis towards continuing to Honours when I finish my BA is all because I keep thinking that the time for my Buffy thesis has well and truly come and gone (and I have no burning passion for any other topic), but apparently there is still life in it, even if it is on LJ.  I sometimes wonder if there is as much passion for other fandoms, but I guess I'll never know because no other show as consumed me as much as Buffy, and probably never will.  It coincided with my online life, and as we all know, one feeds the other.  Still for my two bob's worth, I like S7 of Buffy, despites its' flaws and inherent weaknesses.  In the words of Principal Snyder it 'proved more or less adequate'.  Another thing I ponder is whether there is a difference in a fan who came in late to the show, or one who has watched since the beginning.  Do you have more of a fondness for the season that drew you in to start with, if say you started watching in S6, or do you view it more as a complete text if you watched from the very beginning?  My non-shipping son adored S7, believing that it brought the show full cycle, returning to the school, and the concepts laid out in S1 (he and I have been viewers since it first aired here back in 97?).  Obviously what 'ship you ship effects how you see the show - does this permanently disable you from viewing the show objectively?  I don't have any answers, (it could be 42), but I have fun pondering the questions.  As the computer says, "I think the problem, to be quite honest with you, is that you've never actually known what the question is."

In other matters, today is our 21st wedding anniversary.  Time flies.

J has headed off to his salesman job today, after two days training.  He looked very handsome (no I'm not biased) in his black dress pants and maroon business shirt. Once I have a data cable I will download a photo of him from my new phone (oooh, the joy of new toys). Wish him all the luck in the world, but won't be surprised if it turns into a short term prospect, hopefully after he's enjoyed some hard earned cash, and moves on to other ventures.  Some jobs can be soul destroying.

The slide show for my brother's 60th birthday is complete, and now burnt to a video cd for viewing.  Of course it will not meet my other brother's approval, but nothing else I've done in 47 years has anyway, so why should this project be any different?

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I came to Buffy quite late. Not sure of the episode name but it was with Spike at Xander's telling Buffy about the soul again. I had vague recall of him being an evil vamp and the romanticism grabbed me into spuffy and I haven't looked back. that being said, I hate the majority of season 7. I think all the characters regressed--except for Spike and Buffy. I hated Willow, Xander, Giles and Dawn.

My favourite season is without doubt season five. It was still light and amusing along with the ambiguity of Spike's love/obsession.

I hope your son soon veers from being a salesman...unless he's selling the new Xbox and can offer good discounts ;o)
In many ways I wish that Buffy had finished with S5. S6/7 had such a different feel about them, and a lot of the joy of Buffy (the show and the character) seemed lost. I know there are people who praise S6, and vehemently defend it etc etc, but I think the lack of Joss at the helm, and his interest veering to other projects, really made the difference - but that's only my opinion ;).

I don't think the job will last too long, but it's all experience. Of course one of his overriding concerns is paying off the X-Box 360 that he has pre-ordered!!
Happy Anniversary!

Welcome back! Your son is cute. Birth families suck (except for your little nuclear family, of course!).

I'm still laughing over the vehement response to st_salieri's poll. I think my shipper-ness does affect my enjoyment of s7. Heck, I don't even like the scene you quote on your home page, honey. But clearly, other mileages vary wildly. And there's no excuse for the kind of rudeness that some of the posters used with one another. I used to have a poster in my office that said, only semi-ironically, "If we all had good manners, we wouldn't need laws". I guess I'm just a Miss Manners Anarchist.
Thank you!! Now if I could work out what I'll cook for our anniversary dinner ...

Families do indeed suck - big time!

The church scene in "Beneath You" gets me every time, I'm a sucker that way. Some posters did get quite snippity - still I was pleased to see that the show can still engender such fire, hard to believe it's been, what three years?, since it finished.
You don't cook for your anniversary dinner. He takes you out, you both drink lots of wine, you order two desserts, then he gives you a foot massage. Sorry, but them's the rules.

Now, all-knowledgeable one, what does 'GIP' mean? I'm just an lj virgin sometimes. And you are Oz the All Powerful and Magnificent. From Oz, I mean.

"She is, she is, a wonderful wiz, if ever a wiz there was"
I like your rules, but I don't see it happening.

I'm fairly sure (well 95%) that GIP is gratuitous icon post, but don't quote me. Took me ages to work out OTP!
Like OTP, it's one of those things that makes eminent sense once you explain it. Thanks, I will now add it to my lj jargon.

I sniff disapprovingly in BM's general direction.
Well, he has agreed to Chinese takeaway, and he sent me virtual flowers via the mobile phone, so it's better than nothing!
Congratulations, honey! Here's hoping hubby is better at anniversaries than birthdays? If not you deserve a medal rather than a cookie.
Well I got a text message with flowers (BM really doesn't do romantic), and we had Chinese takeaway - much better than the birthday.
My least favourite season relationships wise is season 4 - Riley. *BLECH* And Oz leaving made me bawl.

I began watching from the beginning in '97 as well, when I was 14. So I LOVED the Buffy/Angel romance. Therefore, I HATED the Buffy/Spike relationship the first time I watched it. But watching the entire series over (and reading a HEAP of fantastic fics) made me see the light, and I now love my Spuffy. LOL. But I am still a Bangel girl as well.

Favourite season? Probably 3. Loved the Mayor, he was probably one of my favourite big bads ever. LOVED that Snyder got eaten. Loved Faith and even liked when she went dark. And Mr Trick was cool. LOL

The one thing I hated about the season was the Willow/Xander kiss that destroyed those relationships. Damn Spike! (Loved him, just not what he did.)

Anyway, I'm ranting now. LOL.

Congrats (again) on your anniversary! *HUGS*
Right there with you on the Riley blech, and even now I get all teary when I see "New Moon Rising", and Willow and Oz are sitting in his van, and Willow talks about turning a corner in Instanbul or wherever ::sob:: I love Oz!

I was a Bangeler - even converted a friend to Buffy when I told her to check out the hot guy (early S1), but then another hot guy came along ...

I loved S3 too, the Mayor was so gorgeous as the baddie - PTA meeting TICK, play golf TICK, become immortal TICK - bloody brilliant!

If I had to choose, I would say S5 was my favourite, but I'd probably end up arguing with myself.
Watching 'Greg the Bunny' (which stars Seth Green) has brought the Oz love back full force. Much as I liked Tara, Woz (?) is my OTP as much as Spuffy. Never ever liked Bangel, and it was the main reason I was only an intermittent viewer until s6, when me and about 1000 others went TOTALLY INSANE.

I think we've had this convo, but I also see-saw between s3 and s5. Which means we should rewatch s3 (or at least some of it), and let the boys talk barbeques in Melbourne (BM has some etiquette to teach PG, yes?).
Can "The Wish" and Doppelgangland" be on the list - I love VampWillow!, oh and "Lover's Walk", of course ...

I have Lost 2:10 on dvd for you, was going to put Lost 2:11 with VM 2:11 but apparently no VM till next week now, so another 2 discs with one Lost ep each will be winging their way to you tomorrow (still d/ling at the moment). Next week Lost and Veronica Mars (finally!).
I still get teary when I watch that episode too!

It was teen love-at-first-sight when Angel first appeared. *sigh* Still love the ep titled 'Angel' - where you first get to see him without his shirt on. *drools*

I still say The Mayor rocks!
Happy Anniversary - hope the Chinese takeaway was good. Hope J's first day went well, and do wish him lots of luck and many sales.

Thanks for the good wishes - the meal was nice, but we had to wait to find out when J needed picking up, so not so much alcohol was imbibed! We'll have a few ales this evening in celebration, as it's Friday and no work for BM tomorrow, and there's one day cricket to watch between Australia and South Africa.

J had a long first day, with a possible sale. He's definitely looking forward to pay day!
Congrats on the wedding anniversary. And how wonderful seeing your boy go off on his first job!

I think as a fan of the show and a shipper, I tried very hard to like S7 but I think at the end of the day, while I find the season to be satisfying overall, and loved all the S/B stuff, there are a lot of things that I still wish were different, mostly plot-wise things. But I can't say that's a problem that only S7 has - I think overall, Joss is big on the emotions/character but not so careful about the plot, and this happened in other season of BtVS and I think even Serenity.

But ah - still in love with the show. What can I say? :-)
I would have to agree with you - there were faults in most of the seasons, but by S7 it seemed that the writers just were tired.

But, yeah, still with you on the loving of the show!
Thanks for that Jen.

Nope, just the virtual flowers, BUT we did buy ourselves a new printer that does photos as well - have just printed off the photos of Joss and me that my friend took on her digital camera when we went to the Serenity screening. You wouldn't think it too dorky if I put them in a frame with his autograph, would you ::giggles fangirlishly::