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WAH !!!

I've studiously ignored Bridget Jones Diary, but now I have to study it for ENGL374: From Page to Screen, which means I have to read the damn book, as well as watch the damn movie.  

Also on the required text list is:

  • Radiance by Louis Nowra, an Australian writer - the film stars Deborah Mailman, one of my fave Aussie actors, so that's not so bad. 
  • Richard III - there's no mention of which film version, so I'll have to wait and see.
  • The Orchid Thief (which I've never heard of), which is also known as Adaptation.  According to IMDB the film is directed by Spike Jonze, and stars Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep and Maggie Gyllenhaal, so I guess I'll look forward to seeing that.  We have to read the shooting script for Adaptation so that should be interesting, seeing as most of my experience with shooting scripts has been Buffy!!

The break between semesters has been too long.  I normally do a Summer session subject to fill in the gap, but nothing was available.  I'm actually itching to get back ...

My brother's 60th birthday PowerPoint presentation is kicking my arse - scanning photos takes a hell of a time. Then there's cropping and editing and fixing damaged photos (with Photoshop), and inserting into PowerPoint etc etc etc. I'm so glad my brother deemed me worthy of this project.

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Oy, what kind of cockamamie subject requires the reading of 'Bridget Jones' Diary'? ::goes all Harold Bloom::

I hope it is the Ian McKellen version of Richard III, that is excellent!
Yeesh - Bridget Jones - I have no idea. Maybe it's an example of a bad book made into a bad movie?

The Ian McKellen one would be good, so would the classic with Olivier, but knowing my strange little French-Canadian lecturer as I do, it's probably some obscure Chinese version.

Looking forward to catching up with the Caraways too!!
Radiance sounds interesting, I think I'll hunt it up.

I'm sorry to say that Adaptation was a disapointment to me.
Oh GOD ! The book is complete crap! Poor you. I like Deborah too--thank you Playschool!
Oh GOD ! The book is complete crap!

I suspected as much. Never had a desire to see the movie either, something about an American playing a Pom didn't seem right, regardless of how well the accent is done. Of course I've never recovered from Meryl doing Lindy, and "the dingo's got my babbbyyyyie"!
Oh no, I'm quite fond of the movie. Somehting really to be said for Colin Firth. But the book is completely lacking in the humour of the movie.
something about an American playing a Pom didn't seem right
Ooh! You big Spike-loving hypocrite, you!
I can't speak for the book but the film seemed okay to me (not that we went out of our way to see it, but it aired back when we still had a subscription for Sky Movies).
Ooh! You big Spike-loving hypocrite, you!

Oh, you - pick me up on that ONE hypocritical moment. I think my Spike passion had no connection to whether the actor was a Yank playing a Pom initially, in fact I'm pretty sure that I had no idea, and probably didn't care. I must admit to cringing when I heard JM on the dvd commentaries. Now for the sacriligeous comment - going on my post-Spike JM viewings, I'm fairly sure that it is Spike that revs the motor, fake Pommie accent and all, and JM may be a great guy/actor/father/boyfriend/singer/whatever but he will always ONLY ever be Spike to me. My back is bent, I'm prepared for the lashing ...
Well, I can't argue with the Spike love, since my feelings are much the same. I just thought the comment was rather ironic, considering.
rather ironic

I could probably enter into a total schizo diatribe about how important it is for Aussie actors to be accepted on the international stage, but then offer the opposite view of why they should keep their 'Australian' personae. I guess actors have to do whatever keeps them employed, but I also think for every good actor who can fake an accent, there is a good 'real' actor who could be employed. Just another example of the scatological mindfield that is my brain.
Actually that sounds really interesting! I loved reading scripts for TV and movies, not the books though, hee.
I'm hoping that the script stuff will be interesting - I HAVE to do a 3rd year English subject to complete my English major (and my BA), and it was really the only subject offered in Autumn semester that I was vaguely interested in ...
Well, the last thing I remember seeing an Australian actor/actors play was Dracula/Van Helsing. They both did considerably better than the Geordie Italian priest or the English gypsy princess.
Sleep, and no alcohol in the system, have made me see the error of my ways. Any actor can play any role with any accent they want :)!! However, the one role I would like to see JM play is Gambit in The X-Men with the southern accent he also tried out for Spike. Although I still stand firm on Meryl Streep playing an Aussie again - that was just wrong in so many ways.
I could cope with JM as Gambit, so long as he didn't wear the strange balaclava like thing that he did in the cartoons.
Not sure what it is about Bridget that I've never been interested, may be it's my age, ::feel sorry for old fogey Deb::

Probably better that it is a list of films that I have no particular emotional investment in - nothing worse than critically analysing something you love.