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A dog's life

Fact: Little brown Kelpie dogs are just as difficult as children and men when it comes to taking medication.  Anya has a jagged tear in her cornea and needs ointment three times a day.  Her eye is weeping and is crusty around the edge - BM called her our own little Crusty Demon (but without the motocross bike).  When she saw me with the ointment tube she ran away, and being a working dog of working dog background, she's bloody quick and hard to catch.  I'll just have to wait and catch her unawares ...
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Her eye is starting to look better, not weeping as much. However, she's still not being very co-operative!
We find that bribery is generally the best policy with the cats. It still involves a bit of wrestling, but they're at least a bit less awkaward if they associate getting the medicine with getting the treat.
Works for children, so I don't see why it won't work for Anya. Thanks for the tip - will try some liver treats she loves!