No subject really, except Ben Browder wrote an ep of "Farscape", and I missed it, how?

1.  The Telstra technician has, hopefully, fixed the problem with our phoneline.  So we're back online.

2.  Is it horrible to dislike the partner of a friend?  A wise person once said to me 'you can choose your friends, but you can't pick their partners'.  In the case of this couple, this is very true.  The guy has been a friend for 20 years or so - he's recently remarried, and I've tried to like his wife, but I just can't warm to her.  I have nothing in common with her, and this is exacerbated by the fact that she doesn't watch TV, so that can't be used as a common ground for conversation.  In fact any time that I am engaged in conversation with someone else about Veronica Mars or Lost or Buffy or whatever show, she gets this supercilious tone, and says 'well I don't know what you're talking about, because I don't watch TV - I'd prefer to play patience on the computer'.  I feel like saying 'Back the fuck off bitch', but of course don't, because, again,  husband long time friend.  Oh well, I shall keep making nice with her, and rant to BM and LJ has needed.

3.  My mum and brother have sent me a heap of photos so I can scan them for the Powerpoint presentation I'm making for my brother's 60th birthday.  It's been fun looking at them, but also a little sad.  My dad is in a lot of the photos, and even after 22 years I still miss him.  It's bittersweet to see his face.  On the other side I can't believe some of the hausfrau frocks my mother wore in the seventies - it really was the decade of bad taste (and apparently the colour shocking pink) in fashion!

4.  Ben Browder wrote an episode of Farscape - I missed this how?  There was a VW on eBay awhile ago, and the ad said "VW used in Farscape", and I went 'what VW in Farscape'.  After watching John Quixote last night, I now know why.  I'm seriously going to have to rewatch S4, because I suspect when I watched it the first time (it never aired on TV here, and the dvd set was only released late in 2004), I just watched the John/Aeryn bits, and wanted to get to the Peacekeeper Wars which I had downloaded a few months before, so it was a really skimpy watch of S4 with the finger firmly on the Fast Forward button.  Oh dear, what a bad little fan I am.

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1. Woo Hoo!

2. ITS (I Totally Sympathize). Is this the friend who recently had the heart attack? I had one male friend for 20 years, loved him, found her very cold. At last she dumped him for her stand-up comedy instructor (don't ask!) - yeah! But unfortunately he died the very day we landed in Australia :^(. Yes, you must bite tongue because they never want to hear what a bitca/dope she/he is, until they discover the fact for themselves. Even then (as I've discovered the hard way), the best response is not: ha, I thought so all along.

3. Coincidentally, Supergirl and I spent the last week organizing photos. OMG, the 70s were a fashion disaster (I had an afro and favoured yellow and purple as a colour combo, say no more). Also had a pang to see now-dead brother grinning away, oblivious to the future. One of the conceits I like in Harry Potter is the way that something of people stays on in their photos, like his dead parents waving to him in the photo Hagrid gives him. I find that thought very affecting.

Not heart attack friend - friend who has life pretty tough, broken marriages, murdered daughter, badly burnt child, business collapsed etc etc, but he just bounces back. Have amazing admiration for his ability to battle on regardless - seems to have found his 'soulmate', but I just can't put my finger on why she irks me, but irks me, she does. I just hope how I feel isn't self-evident ...

Nostalgia + photos = Good vibes.
I just remembered the one 'lady friend' of my Dad's who I didn't like (out of, well, dozens) and how hard that was for both of us. You are a good friend.
It's not horrible to not like the partner of a friend. There's plenty of my friends that are dating not so nice people and mostly I'm polite but will direct all of my conversation towards my friend. I've only been bitchy once or twice and that's ONLY been when they've outright attacked me.
The polite face is hard to keep up sometimes. Glad to know someone else knows the feeling of partner antipathy!
Ben is too clean cut to think badly of him!! I saw him recently on an old "Murder She Wrote" eppie - he was so young, and so cute - I just wanted to pinch his little cheeks (the ones on his face - BAD GIRL!!!).

Remind me never to show you a picture of me from the early 80s - why would a person with naturally curly hair let a friend who was 'almost' a hairdresser perm her hair - we're talking afro baby ... fingers in the electrical socket frizz ...
Is it horrible to dislike the partner of a friend

Not in this case, I don't think so. She sounds perfectly dreadful and I admire you for continuing to make the effort for your friend's sake - you wouldn't want to lose his friendship after all this time. But really, patience on the computer over VM or Lost or Buffy - no contest.
She's just an odd bird. Ads annoy me on TV too, but not enough to keep me away from the enjoyment that the TV brings - I couldn't imagine not having Buffy, for example, in my life.
OMG! Hubby told me last night Ben Browder is replacing Jack (the McGyver guy) on new seasons of Stargate. *dies happy*

And I positively loathe my best friend's husband. A more arrogant piece of....I've never met. Sleaze is too good a word. And most of my friends hate mine, so it all balances out.
Can I tell you a little secret - I've seen the first 10 episodes of that season (I downloaded them)!!! Claudia Black also appears in a few episodes. Don't hate me, but I enjoyed Ben in SG-1 more than James in Smallville!

I get on with most of the partners - this one is just a weird bird.
Jesus, Deb, as if playing patience on the computer entitles her to any moral superiority..... boring!

: )