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... and then there were 10

Dan, DAN - didn't see that coming, thought Hayley was gone for sure, but he probably has been one of the weaker contestants, and his looks(?) have been helping him get through.  Poor Marty, in the bottom 3 again - his nerves are going to be shattered by the time he finally goes.  Don't know how to feel about the voting public - I'd be inclined to say they are getting it right, but Ricki-Lee's still there ...

It's a warm, sunny Spring day here.  Might take the opportunity to sit in the backyard, and sort through 20 years of photos - finally putting them into albums, rather than the old suitcase that currently houses them.  I have a friend who is a librarian - her photos are stored and labelled the day she gets the photos back - I could never be that organised.


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Hee, hee, the judges didn't see it coming either, did they! I'm very happy for your Hayley, I still think she has potential, though she hasn't yet knocked my socks off. Dan seemed like a nice guy, but he was not talent-heavy.

It was a gorgeous warm day this morning, but with typical Melbourne cussedness is now overcast. Enjoy the sunshine.