Whoa, what a scorcher

Yesterday was the second hottest day in NSW since records have been kept following European colonisation - Sydney recorded 44.2 degrees Celsius, and it was 47 degrees out at Wilcannia.  Our own thermometer showed 42 degrees.  It was bloody hot!!  BM and I broke our steadfast rule, and had our first (light) beer at about 3pm, we usually don't have a drink before 6pm or so, but we needed something to quench our thirst.  J arrived home a day early from his camping trip - camping isn't much fun in those sort of temperatures, especially if you're sleeping in a tent.  He was feeling a bit sore after coming off some sort of rubber thingie towed behind a speedboat and hitting the water at about 80kph.  His body was looking forward to his own bed, and his fingers were itching to be back on a video game controller. 

There were about 20 or so bushfires around the state yesterday, with houses lost at a number of sites.  Fortunately a southerly buster came through late in the evening and brought cooler temperatures and rain (I sound like the weather bureau!).  Today it's in the mid twenties, and showery. Most of the bushfires are under control, or close to it, anyway.

The first day's play in the third test between Australia and South Africa has been delayed because of the weather - there goes my day's TV viewing.

My 2006 Spike and Buffy 'retrospective' calendars are now proudly displayed - my little Spuffy heart is quite pleased, there are several Buffy/Spike pictures in both, and I think I'll only have to cover up one icky Buffy/Angel photo ... the lengths that my little 'shipper soul has to go to ...

Off to do domestic stuff, bottle beer etc etc.

Hope the New Year treated you all well.  Here's hoping for a fab 2006!!

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LOL. You have to appease that 'shipper soul' huh. I was going to get both calendars as well, but I wouldn't want to write on it!
We also have a free Leunig calendar from the Sydney Morning Herald that we use to write on ... nothing touches my Buffy calendars!! When I have to cover over one of the Angel or Riley pictures, I just print off a Spuffy picture and paste over with blu-tac. My Spuffy devotion knows no bounds!!!
LOL. That makes sense.

I would only be covering pics with Riley in it, cos we all know I'm a Bangel-er as well. ::grins::
We all have our own peculiar peccadilloes - I used to be a huge Bangel shipper S1/S2/S3, but I saw the light :-)!!!!!!!!
LOL. I watched the series from the beginning as a 14 year old. So I fell hard for the Buffy/Angel relationship and whilst it's hold has weakened slightly with my newfound love of spuffy, I'm still a bangel-er as well.
Thankfully it was just the one day - much cooler again, only 23 or so.

Bloody cricket - Aussies are doing very badly, couldn't watch ...
I was thinking of you yesterday. We got back and it was cold and rainy: turned out that Melbourne temps had plummeted from 42 to 16 degrees in a couple of hours, as Melbourne does. I hate heat. Poor you.
I hate heat too. It was absolutely awful - the only redeeming factor was that the humidity was low. At least the last couple of days have been OK, cool with breezes, and a little rain - I think I've been probed by the Weather Bureau!