New Year's Eve has come and gone here. Currently 8am on Jan 1, and expecting the first day of 2006 to be an absolute stinker - supposed to be 40 degrees plus (that's 104 plus in Fahrenheit). We had a few drinks at a mate's place and enjoyed watching their new big screen with projector.

Of course for a dog owner New Year's Eve is never that happy. Poor little Anya was barking mad at the official fireworks at midnight, but even more so at all the little firework displays around the place, especially the dickheads who love to set them off at 1am (because that's really midnight during daylight savings) and then the ones that went off at 2:30am - took a long time for her to settle down. Considering fireworks are illegal in NSW, apart from the official public displays, it's always interesting to hear/see how many people seem to have been able to get their hands on the bloody things.

Hope 2006 gets off to a great start for all of you.

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Happy New Year Deb.

And the same to you and yours!!!!

Weather has improved, cooler and wetter, which has been a great help to those battling a number of bushfires. The sunburnt country can be quite fearsome sometimes.

Anya is just pleased that it's cooler - for a dog supposedly bred for the tough Aussie conditions, she can be a bit of a sook!