Learning to let go ... it ain't easy

Barely slept last night.  J and a few mates headed off camping for the New Year weekend yesterday.  J and Rowan were sharing the driving of our old Ford wagon.  It's the furtherest that J has ever driven (about 300 kilometres or so), since he got his licence.  God, it's hard not to worry - I tried, I really did.  I knew that J would probably be out of mobile coverage (although I contacted him a couple of times via SMS - his mates moved forward the departure time with little notice, and packing was done in a frenzy.  I realised after he had left that I forgot to put in the frozen meat supply for the weekend - BUGGER!!).  Anyway he was able to get to a public phone today, and let us know they had arrived safely, the car went OK, and the little shop 5 mins down the road from the camping spot, had meat and other supplies.  Least I'll be able to sleep well tonight.  Stupid mothering instincts - he may be an adult, but he's still my baby boy, damn it!!!

Off to drag BM furniture shopping ... now the fun begins.

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Oh, girls ... that's another thing all together! Why is it that we try so hard to be non-gender discriminatory, but with our children it seems to fly out the window?

I have NO idea when we're supposed to stop worrying - I can't see it happening any time soon. On the other hand, my husband is more than happy that J has gotten out of his cave of a bedroom, and gone and done something such as camping. He hopes J does it more ... I'm not sure whether my nerves can stand it. As I said letting go is bloody hard. I'm sure your daughter will have a great time, and not give poor worrying Mum a single thought ... bloody kids!