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Firefly, Dresden and Idol

I'm in love with a new Jossverse.  Finally stared watching my Firefly dvds, was trying to stretch out the experience, but I'm so entranced will probably end up watching the whole series this week.  Joss really knows how to take a genre and turn it upside down.  His 'western in space' is much more literal about it then Star Trek ever was, but by seemingly poking fun at the western genre, he is actually paying homage to it.  As BM commented last night it has everything a good western has - the sheriff, the whore, the minister, the doctor, the innocent girl, and a couple of others I'm still trying to categorise.  Nathan Fillion is wonderful, as is Adam Baldwin (actually he may be my new boycrush, need to watch some more to confirm).  I'm inordinately happy to still be able to enjoy a world created by Joss.  Television is less for his absence.

Have finished reading the Dresden Files - can see why many fans are hankering for Marsters to take on the role.  Very clever and smart books, totally enjoyed the character of Harry Dresden, sardonic, world-weary, leather-duster wearing wizard that he is, pity I have to wait till next year for the new book in the series.

Idol - yeah, another week which didn't grab me - maybe because it was pop, not something that I listen to a lot, so some of the songs didn't do it for me.  Good to see most of them are really listening to what the judges are saying to them, and applying it to their performances.  Casey suffered from song choice.  Poor wee Amali, so self-conscious after the judge's comments, hiding her boobs, but she really has improved.  Emelia - much better than last week, might get a chance to hang around again. Anthony, Ricki-Lee, Daniel, Dan, Marty - ho hum, don't much care who stays or goes of this lot on last night's performances.  Courtney - maybe bye bye.  BM totally loved Chanel (gotta love a girl who does Bassey), and I am still continuing to be impressed by Hayley, so those two got our votes.

In other news, J has decided to change to the senior college for Year 12, so hopefully things will improve scholastically for him in the very near future.  Unfortunately results for Mum-in-law confirmed cancer, but it should only be small as she had the all clear less than a year ago - will have to wait and see what happens when she goes in for surgery.

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Firefly: Someday I have to get a dvd player and catch up with good pop culture.

Idol: Just posted, but sharing the meh. I was really excited at first, but with the exception of Chanel and Casey (jury still out on Hayley), I'm not getting into the top 11. Amali hiding her boobs? Surely you jest, they were pretty front and centre last night. Sharing the Bassey love with BM. Remember, I'm counting on your votes when we're away :^)

I'm glad your son is making the change. Hope your mom-in-law's surgery goes well. If you have a hankering for anything from LA, now is the time to ask (though I can't imagine what LA might have to offer, other than sweeter oranges).
Re Amali - arms crossed over boobs after Dicko's comment, up until then they were so out there! Apart from Chanel, Casey, Hayley, Courtney and Marty, pretty much feeling 'meh' about the rest. Can't think of anything from LA at the moment, thanks for the offer though.