Why I love my son ...

J has been spending time rewatching Angel and Buffy.  He watched all five seasons of Angel, as he had only ever watched them once or twice, and declared Seasons 2 and 5 his favourites, as he enjoyed the Darla arc, and particularly liked the way S5 panned out.  His Buffy viewing has been restricted to S5 through to S7, as he did a rewatch of the earlier seasons when he had glandular fever last year. 

J is an impartial viewer, not tied down by 'shipper feelings, so it has really been interesting getting his reactions to the eps as he watches each season.  He absolutely loathed S6, hated the overblown drug and sex addiction metaphors - which was pretty much why I hated it as well.  I remember the first academic paper I read (and I think one of the first ever written about Buffy), was a paper written by Rhonda “Buffy and the monsters of life: There will never be a ‘very’ special Buffy published in a 1997 edition of the Journal of Popular Film & Television, which emphasised how good the show was because it didn't come across as one of those afternoon teen specials filled with not-so-subtle anvil-sized metaphors about drugs and sex and smoking etc etc etc.   I remember bemoaning to Rhonda in an e-mail at the turn for metaphor worse of Season 6, she was of a similar opinion. (Did you like the oh-so-casual namedrop?!?)

J also thought that Buffy was spectacularly horrible in her using of Spike, and wasn't overly impressed with that storyline either.

On the other hand he is thoroughly enjoying S7.  When I asked him why, he replied that he loved the one it was going full circle - returning to the high school, bringing back the images of past bad guys.  He hasn't been enjoying some of the Buffy speeches, especially the one in Showtime, and was not at all surprised when I informed him that Noxon had written that one.  It will be interesting to hear his feelings about the rest of the season, he's currently up to Storyteller

I love the fact that he and I share an affection for the Jossverse, and that he is happy to share his opinions with his old mum.  It's a nice feeling.

In other TV news, I loved, loved, loved Dr Who: The Christmas Invasion.  I was somewhat reticent about David Tennant, but I think I could grow to like him as the new Doctor very quickly indeed!

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I made my boyfriend watch the entire series' of both shows with me, in episodic order as well. It was very time consuming! But we did it. When we first began dating, Buffy was up airing season 6 and if he wanted to see me on a Tuesday, he HAD to come over. LOL.

It's good that you and your son can bond over this. The power that is Joss eh?

Very glad you guys have this shared love :) It's kinda fun rewatching the show while being further away from it, though i still adore season 6, Willow's storyline aside. It had some of the bravest storytelling I've actually ever seen.

specials filled with not-so-subtle anvil-sized metaphors about drugs and sex and smoking etc etc etc.

Really? Cause i just used Buffy in my paper about virginity as one of the biggest messages to girls about the aftermath of evil!sex and well, i think the writers kinda always hammered that one down. You have sex and find some happiness, you are majorly screwed. It kinda became a rule in the Jossverse, I always thought. Granted, they handle it much better than some other shows, however, the message is still there.

Oh and btw, MN only wrote "Bring on the Night" during S7, which had the "it'll choke on me" speech that I actually found moving. Fury wrote Showtime, though.
Re Showtime/Bring on the Night - I wasn't that sure, but couldn't be bothered to look it up, so I took pot-luck - I stand corrected!! Fury can annoy me just as much as Noxon sometimes, perhaps that's why I was confused ;).

I tend to agree about the SexIsBad issue, but then again I wrote an essay about Buffy as the feminist icon, even though I didn't totally believe that that was the case. Let me cogitate for a while ... I'll get back to you.
I'm not a huge MN fan either, however, i've often been in the fan arguments on various boards about how MN is the most evil person evah and ruined the show, etc etc. And again, while not a fan of her writing, i don't think she ruined a thing and w/in the argument, i kinda got to know pretty much every ep that she wrote by heart(it's sad, i know). This is pretty much the same with Fury, as both are often pitted with blame, which, i guess i just don't understand why bame should be pitted in the first place and how they feel also that Joss had no say in ANY of it, but... Yeah.

However, i am actually a fan of Fury, so, heh, that's a whole other different part of my memorization.
I don't think she ruined the show either. I disliked MN long before S6. When I was doing a rewatch one ep really emphasised her mawkish sentimentality (it was "Beauty and the Beasts") and I did a lookback at a lot of her eps, and found a lot of them were fairly dreadful in their overblown metaphorical storytelling. Sometimes I think the show went two seasons too long, and that's not necessarily any one person's fault. Shows, and the writers, and the actors, just run out of puff. X-Files is a prime example of a show that went on for far too long. Of course this is only my opinion, and doesn't mean that I dislike the last two seasons (well, OK, I dislike S6 but again - only my opinion). I'm sure there are thousands of people who could give me an eloquent argument of why we had to have S6 and S7 of Buffy.

I like Fury too (sometimes!) - part of the reason why I watched S1 of "Lost". Petrie is the one that scares me, especially after listening to his commentary on "The Initiative" ;)!!
So interesting hearing J's views, as you say, without shipper prejudices etc. So, does DT do Dr Who with a Scottish accent, and does Eccleston appear at all?
I kinda love my boy, even if he is a pain in the bum, sometimes.

No CE, no Scottish-accented DT, but a bloody good episode. It is on it's way to you - hope it gets there quickly!!!
OooH! Debra, you are a princess. A veritable princess! I don't get home until New Year's Day so it might be there! I have hired a person to feed my cat and take in my mail and water my tomatoes so it might be waiting for me on my table when I get home! No Scottish accent. Dammit. Ah well,spose we have to give him time to settle in.
Fingers and toes crossed that Australia Post and the NZ equivalent are kind to you!

P.S. Have been enjoying the Aussies vs SA - SA are not proving to be the pushover that everyone thought they would be. Ntini is bowling very well, but then again, so is Shane Warne.
Good to see some mother/son bonding over Buffy. I'm also excited about all the Dr Who comments I've seen so far (tried not to read anything too spoilery). I didn't even try and watch it on Christmas Day because the house was full of children and relatives, and I wanted to give it my full attention. Hopefully there will be 'nothing on the telly' tonight and we can watch it then.
I hope you get the chance to watch it - it's wonderful! I think that DT is perhaps even better than CE (hunches down for body blows). Plus the shorts with Tony Head and our Sarah-Jane look awesome. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't 'get' the Dr Who history ....
I think J is perfectly right about Angel. This sounds like most superior family bonding. Supergirl is standing over my shoulder and wants to wish you a happy Chanukkkaaaaaa back (or whatever).
BM and I both enjoyed S4 as well, but J hated the Jasmine storyline.

Happy whatever back to you, Supergirl!!!!

::Still not jealous, she says, whilst gritting teeth. EnZed will still be there in a few years time::