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To those who celebrate, however, at this time of year, I'd like to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, joyful Winter Solstice, or simply, Happy Holidays. Hope you stockings overfloweth, your cup runneth over, your tummies be fulleth, and your family spats shortish.

We're not religious, so we'll be enjoying a quiet family day, with the mother-in-law coming for lunch.

I'm enjoying listening to my new "Simply Red" album, and tonight I have a new dvd to watch, thanks to J. He mysteriously said it was a dvd with one of my favourite actors, I was hoping that it wasn't "Cool Money"!! Thankfully it turned out to be a 2 dvd version of "Star Trek: Insurrection", mmmmm, yummy Patrick Stewart.

Off to prepare Xmas lunch.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, whatever, however and whenever, you celebrate it!!

Our humble dresser/present holder/'tree'!!!

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Oh, I love your dresser! What a great idea. Are you envious of all those Poms who get to watch the Dr Who Xmas Special today?

Was just looking at Sky News Australia and they had clips of lots of Aussie servicepeople in the Middle East sending Xmas greetings home and I got a little tear in my eye.
I'll be busy watching out for the Dr Who download - hopefully I'll have it tomorrow!

Hope you had a great day. We're just off to have a few cold ales in the backyard.
Overall, it's been a pretty good day. Temperature not bad, good food, nice pressies, lost of alcohol!!!

Hope you have a fantabulous Christmas Day!!!!!!!