Thank you Australian summer

Christmas Eve here has been hot as Hades.  A warm (make that, stinking hot) westerly blew through about 2am this morning, and today has been absolutely stifling, almost can't breathe hot, temp for most of the day has been in the late 30s (90+ in Fahrenheit).  Thankfully the promised cool southerly change has started to happen, so might manage to get some sleep tonight.

The heat has made indoor activities a must, so BM and I installed our new wireless modem, which of course ended up taking hours as anything computer related does, and thankfully there were very few hiccoughs, because now our laptop is connected to the internet - YAY!!!!!

I have also added to my Rogue's gallery (as a friend calls it), and now River et al, join Spike, Angel, and the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation on the study wall (crappy picture, but you get the idea).

Off to finish putting out presents.  One more sleep!!!

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I know! Coming from the Northern Hemisphere, I still can't quite get used to a hot Christmas. Here's hoping the temperature will cool down a little over the next couple of days...

Merry X'Mas! :-)
On the other hand, for me, a cold Christmas would be totally weird, but I'd like to try it was in my lifetime!

Merry Xmas to you too, hope you have a great day!