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The continuing racial tension disturbs me in more ways than I know how to express.  The new state laws that have been brought in to 'counter' this racial tension make me very afraid.  Our civil liberties are being eroded at every turn.  The Federal govt has attempted to outlaw voices of dissent.  The NSW govt has now given powers to the police that allow them to stop and search anyone without due suspicion - you are guilty until proven innocent.  I reach to one of my fandoms for words of wisdom, for only in fantasy can there sometimes be truth:

"In times of trouble, some people find comfort in hate and fear."

Odo, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, 7:1 "Image in the Sand."

I fear that now is such a time.

Not so serious.

I really meant to buy the Lost 2006 calendar, but both the Buffy and Spike calendars had wonderful Spuffy moments, I could not resist.  I'm a sucker for my OTP.


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All the Sydney beaches locked down. Yes, a bit disturbing! But will it scratch Howard's teflon? And is the Opposition capable of saying something intelligent on the subject? That's all I want for Christmas.

Speaking of which, there's a package by the fireplace from a certain Deb with very good handwriting. I'm covered in shame that I only sent a card. We will open tonight, since we've decided that Hanukkah starts early this year (and we can't wait)!
From what I read in the SMH this morning,looks like the lockdown will continue for quite sometime. I don't expect Howard or the opposition to say anything reasonable or intelligent about the matter. Howard's largely to blame for the resurfacing of racial tensions anyway.

package by the fireplace

Don't stress too much - it's just a lighthearted gift thingie anyway.
It is scary. I can't believe the actins of a few is going to affect everyone else so much! *hides*