My brain hurts

We are finally biting the bullet and buying a laptop computer (or notebook as they apparently are called now).  As well as trying to figure out which one is the best for us - should it be LAN wireless ready, or do we do all that post purchase, how large do we want the hard drive, what about RAM, screen size, cd and dvd burner or just cd etc etc etc - I'm also trying to work my way through the intricacies of Home Wi-Fi, and whether we need a new modem or just an access station, so we can run the PC and notebook.  Also J's new purchase next year (the X-Box 360) will be wireless - how will that fit into the system ...  My computer savvy is extremely limited - maybe I should rely on the kindness of friends.

Back to research.

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Buh? Duh? Guh? As Snake on the Simpsons would say.

But I'll ask the computer nerds in the house.
Gah, technology. Makes my head hurt just to read about it. Still, one day I'd like a laptop (old fashioned girl here), so your research might come in handy for me. Good luck. :))
Good luck. :))

I'll need it, although I did find that I can upgrade to wireless through our internet provider, so may do just that. Also buying a lap top with the wireless bit already installed is the best way to go - something called Intel Centrino apparently.
something called Intel Centrino apparently.

And how brainwashed am I that I made the little 'da dum da dum' noise in my head when I read 'Intel'