Men are from Mars ... or is that Venus .. stupid book ...

Proof positive.

J had a mate around today.  He used the toilet.  Two things happened (apart from the obvious).  Two things were proved.

1.  All men, no matter what age, suffer from domestic blindness.  The toilet paper he couldn't find was cunningly hidden by a drooping towel.

Men can't find anything if it is under something else.

2.  The friend replaced the toilet roll.

Men cannot put a toilet roll on the right way.  It has to go OVER, not UNDER.  Why is that so hard?

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Men cannot put a toilet roll on the right way. It has to go OVER, not UNDER. Why is that so hard?

Sad thing is - it's not just men. My flatmate with whom I share the bathroom upstairs ALWAYS puts it on like that. I HATE it when it's like that. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! :-D

It's just one of those things, sort of like the toilet seat, but in a household with 1 female, 2 males, I've learnt to live with the seat up. The toilet paper is another matter!
Hah! I have hubby trained on the toilet seat front... which is why when his mates have been over I've been known to nearly fall down the hole when I don't think to check.
*SNERK* 'round here i'm lucky if they get a fresh roll OUT let alone put it ON the holder
My God, you're lucky! I'm always just pleased is they don't pee all over the floor. The boyfriend I had in my mid-20s had a good friend who used to come round a lot and everytime he would pee on the floor. And he was a grown-up! Most of the time S gets it in the bowl. Most of the time.
everytime he would pee on the floor

Obviously he never had to clean the bathroom floor. J's aim wasn't too great for many years - even with the turtle to stand on ;)!
Forgot to say -- did you see that cricket match? Just amazing -- heartbreaking (for us) but just amazing! I couldn't watch the last over, had to leave the room, like a big girl's blouse. I would never have believed we could have got anywhere near that total. Never in a hundred years. And to get 320 and miss out by two runs -- just heartbreaking. Poor old Brett Lee lost it a bit towards the end there... don't really blame him at all.

Watched it with my Mum. God, if you think I'm mean about Aussie cricketers, you should listen to her! I thought Ponting was bloody magnanimous actually -- said we should have won!

Also, is Andrew Symonds of Aboriginal descent -- I've never heard anyone say....
The cricket didn't air on free-to-air TV, must have been on pay TV (which we don't have). Best I could do was watch the news - absolutely brilliant run-out.

Never read anything about Symonds - tends not to get much of a mention anymore, even if a person is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.
That is SOOOO right! I agree with you on both points.

Anyway, just popped into to say hi and that I've friended your journal now. It'a always nice to have another aussie on my f-list. **not so subtle hint that I'd like to be friended back!** LOL.
I was just heading over to your LJ to say that I had added you to my flist, and just checked my LJ first, and here you are!! So a big Aussie g'day to you. Now I can keep up with your fics, get to know a little about you, and bore you senseless with my inconsequential ravings ;)!
Yep! Now that I'm here your going to have trouble getting rid of me. ::grins evilly::

G'Day back! I look forward to getting to know you as well! If you had previously lurked over at my LJ then you would know that I sometimes have nonsensical ravings as well. There's nothing wrong with it!
Remember the 'rotting moose on the staircase' I was talking to you about the other day? Uh huh.

The Golden Toilet Roll Rule apparently received the largest volume of mail to a Dear Abby column ever. Which shows the trivia that fills my mind, instead of Great Thoughts. But dammit, it is important!
Yep, the stink has long gone, but the bones linger.

But dammit, it is important!

They just don't get it do they? It is IMPORTANT! Just like how the clothes should be hung on the line ...
I find the TP problem exists not just with the male gender,as I know my roommate does this consistently wrong.

I simply don't understand the difficulty with replacing the empty toilet paper holder. Did you ever watch "Mad About YOu"? There was this opening to one of the shows where the wife character comes out and without dialogue, happily demonstates how simple it is to remove the empty roll and replace it with the new one and ends with a "tada" kind of motion and then stalks off. That always amused me so, because it's just too damn true.
I did watch "Mad About You", but I don't remember that sequence - blame aging faculties.

Isn't amazing how often the nearly empty roll has just enough paper,without being replaced ... abso*fucking*lutely amazing ...