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That wacky LJ

Whoa. I've been getting e-mail notification of comments from 2 or 3 weeks ago. God, I'm lucky to remember what I said yesterday, let alone 3 weeks ago. Still it makes the Inbox all that more interesting at the moment! LJ must have found the problem finally.

Must do something about pressies for Christmas. J just wants money to go towards the X-Box something or other, 360? maybe?, which won't be released here until March. Will get BM a cd copy of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, to replace the badly scratched LP record.  The mothers are the real problem.  I'll have to get something soon for my mum and get it in the post, as she is spending Christmas with my brother and his family in Gunnedah.  Will probably end up making a gift basket filled with edible goodies for my mum-in-law.  Thankfully that's all I need to get (apart from a couple of little things), which means my trips into shopping hell will be fairly limited - YAY!

It's too early to start searching for downloads of the latest Veronica Mars, so I'll head off and do some more Christmas cards.  See, I'm trying to get into the festive mood ...

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Our local craft store has a section with stuff to make your own wedding invitations etc. The paper comes in A4 size - I print up whatever I want on the paper, then cut to size and put in blank card with the little metal doo-hickie.