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Idol Quickshots

My quick thoughts prior to caraway_ 's more erudite and lucid posting on same.

Anthony - agree with Dicko, had it last week, lost it again - has to take the opportunity to show something different.

Chanel - oh dear, my darling what did you do, why that song, why, oh why?

Dan - pretty boy will go throught regardless of lacklustre performance.

Courtney - Billy Field!! - what a great choice, covered the bungle well, and finished it.  One of the best voices there.

Amali & Ricki-Lee - disco divas gone wrong, terrible, terrible, terrible songs.

Marty - Farnsy & Barnesy - what were you thinking, lost me last night.

Emelia - good luck with your future efforts, but possibly not on Idol.

Daniel - good execution, but didn't do it for me - nice hair though.

Angie - what happened!!

Hayley - well colour me impressed, Ella Hooper has such a distinctive style, that I didn't think anyone would try to replicate it.  Hayley did, and with style.

Casey - outstanding, great song choice and so well done, emotionally the best performance of the night.

So our 2 votes went to Hayley and Casey.  Song choices really are playing an important role in this series, even the best performer can give a dud performance with a dodgy song choice.  Dicko continues to be the most honest of the judges.

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Hi Deb. How ya doing? Just dropping in with nothing to say, since I'm the only person in the universe who has never watched Idol.
I'm doing OK - dropped uni subject last week, plenty of spare time on my hands now (Buffy S1 final comments lurking on horizon). Dealing with son's disenchantment with school - looking at alternatives at the moment, maybe a local senior college might be the answer (it never gets easier being a parent, just different problems to deal with, in different ways). caraway_ and I are sharing our Idol addiction, of course you understand that we are doing this in an academic, cultural studies textual analysis kind of way. No, well would you believe ... Actually considering the current state of TV here, it's about the only thing that I do look forward to - although Six Feet Under and The Practice (yummy James Spader), begin again this week.

How's things with you, glad to see your dental and health problems seem to be easing, and that your Buffy love may not have completely disappeared.
How come you dropped your university paper? Not enough time? Not enough interest? And yes, the Buffy love is there with a passion again. I seem to go through these phases where I shy away from it, out of hurt or something, I don't know. But giving up on it would feel like giving up on life!

Just been reading with great interest, Herself's new post on how she's learnt to love season 7, and all the comments below it. Would love to know what you think of that discussion. It's been strange watching season 6 -- as I said in my post, a real catharsis with a sense of calm after it -- a kind of acceptance. Without acceptance. I know that's a paradox -- I can't explain... Feel like my attitudes are evolving in my head, without a real understanding of what they're evolving into....
Uni subject dropped through lack of interest - it was an online subject, and I found that I was feeling incredibly isolated. I spend a lot of time in my own company (which is both good and bad) but found that I couldn't connect with the subject or the topics being covered, so it was bye, bye uni for the semester. I'm only doing the degree for my own satisfaction (I'm not expecting a line of employers to rush me when I finish my degree, especially at my age), so I'm really choosy about what subjects I do, if it doesn't grab me, it's gone.

Read Herself's posting, and the comments - see I'm one of those weird ones who does see the love in S7. As someone commented it's not the consuming sexual relationship of S6, but little moments like in "First Date", when Buffy goes to Spike first, rather than Xander, or the looks between them in "Potential", or I could go on fanwanking for sometime. Maybe it was unintentionally done between JM (although apparently he's still on that weird riff about BuffyandAngel's truluv4eva) & SMG, I don't know, but I agree with Herself when she commented "And my God, the Spike/Buffy relationship in season 7 was about the most romantic thing ever. She was so in love with him, it was so so so obvious. No ambiguity about it. It didn't look like how she loved Angel, because she wasn't a teenage girl anymore. It wasn't a merely romantic love, it was a love about reliance and respect, rather unsentimental, undemonstrative in the usual flowery ways, but the demonstrations there were were just packed with meaning and emotion." It actually gave me a sort of glowing feeling, you know, like wow, if someone like Herself sees it, than my own thoughts are validated - because that's plain strange, at the grand old age of 45 I shouldn't need my own thoughts or opinions to be validated by anyone. Fandom is a peculiar space indeed.

Speaking of JM's belief about Spuffy - read recently someone's thoughts about why he may view the relationship the way he does - here's the link (hopefully) to cousinjean's comments Spuffy thoughts
Yeah, there's little teasing moments when you can see the love. But then something else will happen that just squashes it. And Buffy became such an awful character by the end of the season that when he makes that big speech to her in Touched, I kept feeling that he was talking about someone who had disappeared two seasons ago.

And what about ``does it have to mean anything?''

And you know me -- I was DESPERATE to see the Spuffy love there. Dying for it. I replayed that scene where she and Spike are out training the Potentials and she knocks him down and sits on him and feels for his injured ribs and he holds her hand -- you wouldn't BELIEVE how many times I perved at that scene. But they would have something like that, and then there would be nothing.
You actually knew the songs. I felt so culturally ignorant. Who, for instance, is Ella Hooper? It was a great song, and I didn't even get the name.

I'm going to read the s7 stuff that you and Kassto are on about at lunch, and get back soon.
I was wondering about your reaction to the song choices - even I didn't know a couple (Daniel & Anthony). Ella Hooper is the lead singer of "Killing Heidi" - first album, big hit (the song "Weir" - the one that Hayley sang - was on this album), 2nd a bit of a fizzler, just released 3rd album, and one of the songs appeared on the Spiderman 2 soundtrack. Billy Field had a hit album "Bad Habits" in 1982 - the title song was a great, fun little song, and a big hit here - faded back into obscurity after that.

S7 - I think I may watch it from go to woe, ::pets S7 dvds::, just to take my mind off latest teenage crisis.
Okay, I'm back. My reaction to s7 at the time it was shown was almost visceral hatred. Early s6 was when I went from casual Buffy fan to complete Spuffy obsessive, basically discovering the whole internet world on the way. I got very disappointed by the mixed messages in the different writers' treatment of the relationship, and especially hated the 'chip/soul' misdirection. So I remember waiting for the first s7 ep to show, thinking: 'You better knock my socks off, writers, or I'll hate you forever.' That first ep, back to the high school, with the mad Spike and all, was a bit of a wank (who were these new characters? was it going to turn into a - shudder - Dawn spinoff?), but there was that very nice ending with all of the baddies in the basement tormenting Spike. I thought the First Evil would work at that point. There was still some potential. By the second ep, I felt they needed to do something with Buffy and Spike, and stop playing it on the fence. By 'Him' I was screaming at the screen in frustration and scaring the kids. I'm not sure I'm ready to reconsider s7, in short. Maybe after I've seen the other seasons. I'm at s2, ep 4 by the way, and it does remind me that a truly excellent ep like 'School Hard' (I have watched it about a dozen times, and don't get tired) was sandwiched between two weak eps, 'Some Assembly Required' and 'Inca Mummy Girl', so maybe I am too hard on a show that was inconsistent throughout, though brilliant at best.
You know I think the internet made such a difference to Buffy fandom, especially in S6 & s7, that there seemed to be a palpable, almost tangible, response online, that saw these seasons, more than any others, torn apart critically, and had such an instant effect on how the audience viewed these seasons. The early seasons did, as you comment, have dodgy episodes, but the visceral (how I love that word, almost onomatopoeic in form), online, immediate response wasn't there.

Re "School Hard", any particular reason you enjoy this episode so much, mmm ... "Home, sweet home"
My favorite line: 'I hate to brag... who am I kidding, I love to brag'. Ah, early, confident, cocky (mmmm) Spike.