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Random TV musings

Sometimes the little square box in the corner gives you more pleasure than you expected. I had one such day last Friday.

  1. Whilst folding laundry (how exciting) I caught a re-run of Murder She Wrote. Baby Ben Browder was on it! According to IMDB the episode was from 1995 (wow, how long did that series go for?!!?), but he looked really baby-faced, with his hair sticking up. So, I watched all of it, hoping for more glimpses of BabyBen - he was so cute.
  2. Latest ep of Veronica Mars - gotta love a show that quotes Rocky Horror - we're both in a bit of a hurry.  After initial angst override, I have really been enjoying this season, and come Monday, I can re-watch Season 1 on a local TV station.
  3. The Avengers - have been totally enjoying this too.  Watched a great ep on Friday night, The Winged Avenger, which switched from cartoon drawings to live action, it was incredibly well done, with more than a wink and a nod to the Batman series. Camp, when done well is a true art form. As Susan Sontag says,

    the whole point of Camp is to dethrone the serious. Camp is playful, anti-serious. More precisely, Camp involves a new, more complex relation to "the serious." One can be serious about the frivolous, frivolous about the serious


    the connoisseur of Camp has found more ingenious pleasures. Not in Latin poetry and rare wines and velvet jackets, but in the coarsest, commonest pleasures, in the arts of the masses. Mere use does not defile the objects of his pleasure, since he learns to possess them in a rare way. Camp -- Dandyism in the age of mass culture -- makes no distinction between the unique object and the mass-produced object. Camp taste transcends the nausea of the replica.

    Couldn't have put it better myself.

    Intertextuality is what I love most about pop culture - the writers of Buffy were masters at it. 

    Feeling very lethargic at the moment - had a very active electrical storm last night that went on for hours.  Poor little Anya dog went berserk - longest storm she had endured in her 2 years of dogdom.  By the time the storm and she had settled down, and we got ready for bed, a neighbour's frigging house alarm went off, and continued for close to an hour.  Then another storm rolled through ... think it was 4am by the time I finally went to sleep. 

    Think it now could be beer o'clock ...



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