A handy, dandy LJ tool ...

especially at the moment with LJ being all wonky about sending e-mail notification of LJ comments. Thanks to spikereader for the handy hint. Go HERE to find the last 50 comments on your LJ. Apparently I had a comment from talesofspike over four hours ago, and nothing came through about it. ::Shakes fist at stupid LJ::


Happy Thanksgiving!!

... to those who celebrate it.

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It's totally annoying - you don't know whether people have received the comments or just ignoring you ;-)!!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving day, regardless of what else may be happening in your life.
Thanks from me, also - I saw that a couple of my "OMFGKATEWONIDOLWOOHOO" post responses hadn't been made known to that's very handy!

Ta, my dear! *hugs*