OMG!! You beat me. I was getting so angry today because everyone I spoke to thought Emily should win, even though she bombed last night and I've never once seen Kate suck. I am so happy! Now I just need to have a damn baby.
My head wanted Kate to come second, because I think Shannon and Anthony have done better than Guy and Casey, but my heart said different. Emily was crap last night, and generally is a triller - Kate is the better singer. I'm glad she won, and I'm glad you got to see it. Now I'm busy praying for that baby to show up!!!

I'm SO happy...I REALLY wanted her to win, but I was totally expecting Emily to take it out. That's three years in a row I've sat there and thought, nah, the other person's gonna get it...and that's three years in a row my favourite has won! And she's from Bendigo, which is a hop, skip and a jump from my home town of Ballarat, so she's virtually a local to me. ;-)

Emily will no doubt do well, because she does have talent...but for some very strange reason, she dropped the ball over the last few weeks, whereas Kate just got exponentially better.

Every time I get ready to write off the Australian-reality-music-show-voting public, they come up with the goods. ;-)

I'm absolutely going to buy that single, because it is probably the best Idol song they've had yet. It's gorgeous. She sings it beautifully...and it resonates. :-)

Happiness abounds! :-D :-D :-D

I'm happy for you and the other Australians who are happy. For me, meh to them both. Of course, I was only catching glimpses between marking 90 exams :^(

At least I have a Lost/VM double bill to look forward to tonight!!