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< you are Nick Cave!
Nick Cave... dark and creepy. You're a bi-polar
genius, with equal passion for the most
degrading aspects of humanity, as well as the
beauty & wonder of God and Heaven.

Which fucked-up genius composer are you?
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And the good news is that Nick will be doing his Leonard Cohen show here in Australia sometime next year, now there's a match made in heaven (well maybe not heaven).

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Re: Lyrics ahoy (pardon the pun)
Whoah! Heady stuff! Sounds like season 6 to me...

and teehee, the ``ship'' song, as in 'shipper..... heehee
Re: Lyrics ahoy (pardon the pun)
Very S6 - if you go here you can download the video of this song - about third way down the page under THE VIDEOS - DVD RELEASE. I also tend to think of The Hunters and "Throw Your Arms Around Me" for S7, sad really that I put so much time into thinking about what songs suit the Spuffy.
Just looking at your icon made me think of SMG saying that all the sex in season 6 was way too bondage and s & m and it was ``degrading'' as an actress to do it. Jesus, never ask actors anything. They have no idea what makes their characters interesting. I was interested to read in that cousinjean con post you pointed me to that she was saying that at one point JM said he put so much ``soul'' into his performance in season 6, he didn't know how he was going to do more soul for season 7. Which is the most sensible thing I've heard him say. And is very much my problem with the soul-getting.
Couldn't agree more, some actors really don't seem to 'know' their characters at all. Over at JM's official site he has a message that says "THANK YOU from the bottom of my soulless character" - ummm, did he forgot about the soul that he got, or was he just as confused as the rest of us, as to what ME wanted the soul to mean. The human bad guys supposedly had souls but it didn't stop them being bad, just another example of ME's screwed up world vision, sex is bad, happy relationships are bad, demons are bad, etc etc etc.