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J's camping trip was truncated, due to poor weather, and his group of friends declaring that a week in the wild was more than enough.  He came back after one day looking like he'd been partying for a week.  Also had his usual severe reaction to tick bites - he removed four prior to coming home, so was also a bit headachy from the after effects.

Our friend is still in hospital - the angiogram showed two major arterial blockages, one 70%, the other 90%.  He's having a stent procedure on Wednesday, and if that doesn't work, there will be a helicopter on stand-by to fly him to Sydney for by-pass surgery.  All very dramatic, as well as exceptionally worrying for his family and friends.  We're off to see him today with a supply of books and dvds to help alleviate the boredom of hospitalisation.

In an absolute pointless segue - I just saw an ad on Channel 10 for Veronica Mars (that's Season 1).  Wow, it's finally airing in Australia.  Australian television sucks like a huge sucky thing sometimes.  Still, I'll enjoying re-watching the first season.  I've got BM hooked as well - after we watched the latest S2 VM ep, I asked whether he wanted to watch more Lost - he said did I have anymore VM eps to catch up on - he's hooked, baby!!

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Ay carumba: 70/90 were my brother's numbers! Fortunately, stents worked in his case, and really, he's fine now. Keeping fingers crossed.

Very happy about VM. Much as I enjoy our squeeing, I'm looking forward to more than two Australians knowing about the show. Australian television sucks like a huge sucky thing sometimes: you are singing my song, but North American tv isn't much better, there are just a few more gems in a great heaving mountain of crap. Dicko has some spot-on things to say about the decline of Idol in our tv supplement today (probably also in the Sydney Morning Herald). I may watch the finale tonight, but only because there is nothing on. If Kate wins, she is going to have to shake every hand in Bendigo, because no one outside there will buy her album.
I'm sure he'll be fine - these types of surgery are so commonplace these days, but as I said before. it's just the shock of the whole thing, and the worry of what may have happened if he didn't have the chest pain when he did. Thanks for the encouraging words, though.

I'll be happy to re-watch VM - some of my early d/l and vcd burns were a bit dodgy, plus the seasn of summer TV gloom is upon us, so even repeats (well for us) is something worth clinging to.

Yep, we'll be watching Idol too - but I'm hoping Emily wins, if only for the fact that the second placed contestant seems to do better in the long run, and I continue to dislike Emily intensely. Uh, I'm a bitch ... what can I say.
I'm excited about VM being on Australian TV too. Finally, I may actually be able to talk about it with more people! I've also been searching all over for the S1 DVDs here and couldn't get it. I've seen it all, but just wanted to own it. Should have bought it in Hong Kong, dammit!

Hope all things go smoothly for your friend.
I'm excited too - which is weird. Least there will be something to watch over summer. I'm really enjoying the new season as well. The first few eps I wasn't too sure, but I'm hooked again. Even felt a little bit of sympathy for Lamb in the last ep, and I loved seeing Joss on the show!

Amazon has S1 VM, but it's bloody expensive.

Thanks for the kind thoughts for our friend - we're thinking nothing but good thoughts at the moment.

Nice to see you around LJ more regularly!! How goes the new job?
Good to know how well you know your kid. Look forward to hearing how he copes with boot camp in 6 months.

Hope everything goes okay for your friend and the helicopter goes unneeded. Thinking good thoughts, or trying to.
Thanks for your good thoughts - it all helps. BM has gone off to visit while I get tea ready.

J and boot camp, oh yeah, that will be really interesting. Would that mean he would have to get out of bed before 11am???
Would you believe that I just got the notification for your reply?

Will look forward to your motherly posts when boot camp begins.