Life, sometimes it sucks

After our visit to our friend in hospital, I'm feeling slightly relieved.  He was sitting up in a chair, with his laptop, when we arrived, looking pretty good.  He is scheduled for an angiogram tomorrow, so we will know more then.  It's bloody scary ... our own mortality seems so fragile.

J is off on his camping trip tomorrow ... this should be interesting, the boy who can't survive a day without TV, dvd, video, microwave, video games.  He's pleased that one of his mates has a generator - at least they can watch dvds.  Ahhhh ... the younger generation ... I can remember when camping entailed no toilets, no showers and certainly no bloody TV, how times have changed.

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Watching dvds while camping? Oh please, indeed. PG's watchword is "builds character". We have to blow up our own air matresses without any poofter-y pump, y'know?
J's taking a foam mattress - refused to take an air mattress. Hope it doesn't rain!

My idea of camping is in our camper trailer - off the ground, with electricity and a working fridge!
Yeah, how will the younger generation ever survive if the power goes off. Grumble grumble, in old fogeyish manner.

Mortality. It's a scary thing. All the best to your friend.
Just saw your last post - glad to hear that your friend is doing better than expected. Hope he gets better soon!

Aw, sounds like a fun camping trip. I can't imagine living without TV/computer for more than a day either...hee. ;-)