Highs and lows

All was right with the world.  We won entry into the World Cup.  Now one of our very, very best friends is in hospital after having a mild heart attack.  He turned 50 at the start of the year.  His wife is my sci-fi mate and my very dear friend.  BM and I will head to the hospital this afternoon to see how he is, and bring him a new supply of Lost to watch.  We're hoping for the best for him and his family.

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I'm so sorry... my thoughts and best wishes are with your friend and his family, as well.
Thank you for your kind thoughts. He seemed to be OK when we visited this evening, sitting up in a chair, using his laptop. He was grateful that I brought him more dvds (Stargate SG-1). He'd watched the "Lost" dvds I gave him - you have to remember that if it wasn't for the wonders of the internet, us folks downunder wouldn't get to see these shows until mid 2006!!! He's up for an angiogram tomorrow, so we're waiting to see what damage there may be to his heart. Good thoughts all round.