Australian Idol - Take 3

Firstly can I say how nice it was to watch something that wasn't the Olympics - feeling a little o'ded here on the pantheon of sport.

Secondly, what a difference a week makes - I wrote down seven names before I crossed out five.  It was such a different group from last week, but this household only has 2 votes, so even though I wanted to vote for Garth and Dan and even Carlos (trying to correct the gender imbalance from previous weeks), we ended up SMSing Marty (he's not falsely bald, don't ask, it's a bit of an issue in our house, and he's got a bit of a Michael Stipe thing happening, and I'm with Marcia on this - I love Drops of Jupiter) and Casey (she's 16, she's different, and she belts out a great tune).  Really enjoyed Billie but she so isn't a 'pop idol' - 10 years, a packet of cigarettes a day, and she's Australia's next Renee Geyer.  Will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow night ....

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I, uh, had a different reaction. See my lj for full screed. We do agree on Casey. It should be an interesting evening tonight, because it was a... very diverse... bunch, and there was no clear winner, like last week with Angie.