Brief trip rundown

Day 1 - Great to catch up with mates BUT too many schooners of Tooheys Old, PLUS too many glasses of shiraz = massive hangover

Day 2 - My mother has elevated damning with faint praise to an Olympic level of achievement

Day 3 - Knees starting to groan from confinement in car.  Did check out my dad's memorial plaque at the Remembrance Garden in Canberra (photos to follow)

Day 4 - Very pleasant day (more photos on the way)

Day 5 - Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig.  Back to the dog and the kid (and my computer and my bed - YAY!).

ETA - DAY 40 of BM's holiday - I'm a little bit over it. Don''t get me wrong, I dearly love my husband, but enough of a good thing ... ... ... say no more. However, if I was to say more - there are elements of my life that I enjoy keeping to myself, and I don't need a frigging GHOST 24/7. That is all ?!?!?!?!?

Big break before uni starts again - not till February next year. I'd do a Summer session subject but there's no 3rd year English subject offered - I only need that to finish my English major (I've already completed my Cultural Studies major) and finish my degree!!

Least I've got plenty of time to read and catch up with dvd watching.