RealVampiresDon'tSparkle by me

Brief trip rundown

Day 1 - Great to catch up with mates BUT too many schooners of Tooheys Old, PLUS too many glasses of shiraz = massive hangover

Day 2 - My mother has elevated damning with faint praise to an Olympic level of achievement

Day 3 - Knees starting to groan from confinement in car.  Did check out my dad's memorial plaque at the Remembrance Garden in Canberra (photos to follow)

Day 4 - Very pleasant day (more photos on the way)

Day 5 - Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig.  Back to the dog and the kid (and my computer and my bed - YAY!).

ETA - DAY 40 of BM's holiday - I'm a little bit over it. Don''t get me wrong, I dearly love my husband, but enough of a good thing ... ... ... say no more. However, if I was to say more - there are elements of my life that I enjoy keeping to myself, and I don't need a frigging GHOST 24/7. That is all ?!?!?!?!?

Sorry about the coffee! Twenty four hours was about all I could take, whilst coping with massive hangover. She seemed more vitriolic than usual.

More Lost & VM in the mail today.

Sydney, Schmydney - WOLLONGONG had over 20,000, and if we had been back in time, it would have been 20,002.
Well, I'm glad you live in the right town now, your hometown sounds a tad Deliverance, or is it just mama?

::stands at mailbox expectantly::
sounds a tad Deliverance, or is it just mama?

Bit of both (damn those banjos), but mostly Ma.

Years ago a friend from college dropped in to see me (I was away). My brother took him into town for a beer - two horses were actually tied up out front of the hotel - took me quite some time to live that down. At least we were a two horse town!! Mum saw 2 kangaroos jump down past her place last week as well (there's a mob that lives on the local golf course, just up the road from her place). Maybe Deliverance is a good comparison after all.

Hopefully Australia Post is kind to you.
I don't know why, but suddenly an image of BM as Ghost!Spike in early Angel s5 crossed my mind and cracked me up greatly.

Also, the image of the two horses at the hotel will now enter my stock of Aussie stories. Tell me there was a tumbleweed of some sort rolling down the main road.
image of BM as Ghost!Spike

I think your mind might be a scary place.

No tumbleweeds, sadly. The horses were bad enough, and at the time it was still law for hotels to provide a tying-up rail for horses. Wonder if that law still exists?

Off to watch the new VM!