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New philosophy ...

Shit happens, you move on.

After my poor, poor pitiful me post of last night, I'm feeling better.  Nothing like a good whinge - must be the Pommie in me.  Speaking of Poms, if ever there was a reason to annihilate the British aristocracy, the F*****g Fulfords (TV show a la The Osbournes) would cement the case. 

BM and I are off into the wilds of New South Wales today.  Meeting up with some friends at a quaint country pub at Gunning tonight, then on to see my mother and take her out for her 83rd birthday on Sat night, then down to the nation's capital, Canberra, for a couple of days.  Back home Tuesday.

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Have a great trip!

I have such mixed feelings reading your earlier post. Congrats to J for acing the test: shows you must have had a good influence on him, and he's a pretty cool cat. I have no problem with marijuana, other than the smoking is bad for you aspect. Hell, I've done every 'hard' drug around, I can hardly cast stones at anyone. Maybe the military thing is a lucky escape? I'd hate to see J in Iraq some day.
I have no problem either, but it is becoming more and more a part of the workplace - the testing etc, I mean. BM had been breath-tested twice at work for alcohol (he's categorised at some level which means 0.02% for alcohol, and no drugs.

Trip away could be just what we need.
Thank you. We did!!

Now all I have to do is catch up on LJ - egad, there are a lot of entries since Friday.