I love dvds

Nothing decent on television (right there with you caraway_) so BM and I have spent time rewatching old favourites and catching up with on our home delivered dvds.

  1. Farscape: Avenging Angel.  Classic ep, amongst the angst of two Crichtons, and the separations.  Love the animation plus Ozme makes me giggle.
  2. The Avengers - have enjoyed all four eps, especially attempting to place the faces of the British actors.  We were very ashamed of not being able to place Jon Pertwee - I knew the actor had something to do with The Doctor, but the uniform the character was wearing put me off.  I kept thinking Unit, but didn't place him as THE Doctor.
  3. BtVS: Once More with Feeling.  About the ONLY S6 ep I can rewatch happily.
  4. The Man from Uncle - so naughty for its time, plus Napoleon and Illya!
  5. Serenity - J got his hands on a very badly bootlegged copy of the movie, so he's finally seen it.  I skimmed through the movie, just to see how bad a copy it was -  I haven't rushed off and cancelled my pre-ordered copy of Serenity from Amazon :-)!  J and I had a long convo about the brilliance of Mr Whedon - talked Buffy, Angel and Firefly for some time.  It's nice to share those interests with him. He's just re-watched S2 Buffy and has started on S1 Angel.
  6. Slightly off topic - I found out that we can upgrade the playability of our dvd player.  Translation - for $30 we can get our dvd player unlocked so it can play all region dvds.  YAY!  So no more problems with buying dvds from overseas, roll on December and Serenity.
  7. 25% of essay written - will finish it today, hopefully, and then that's it for the semester.  One more subject to go next year, and then it's finally DegreedDeb.
  8. My sinusitis is slowly going into abeyance under the onslaught of more antibiotics.  Can't say my body is loving all the drugs, but I am getting better.
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3. I rewatched School Hard instead of tv on Saturday, I don't think I could ever re-watch that enough. The UST between Spike and Buffy from the first blows Bangel out of the water.

2,4,5. I think I'll rent those two tv shows and Serenity, thanks for the recs.

6. Cool! Will investigate.

7,8. Yay! I hope you are eating yoghurt or taking lactobactillus pills. Say no more. A nod's as good as a wink to a 40 something woman.
3. Might treat myself to some Buffy/Spike UST once this damned essay is done (but NOT S6).

2, 4 The Avengers have been great. The men from UNCLE were a little too campy in last night's eps. Camp is something that happens, you can't try to be campy.

6. If I remember correctly your DVD is the same as J's (will check model when he's awake and get back to you). If so it will already play other zones.

7, 8. Antibiotics attack EVERYTHING. Oh well sore tummy is a small price to pay to get rid of the damned virus.

Oz Idol - could they be any more boring?!? Still loathe Emily, but I suspect Kate will go tonight.
I watched a bunch of terrorists blowing up busses instead of Oz Idol. Seemed more entertaining.