to all those who celebrate it.

  1. Sinusitis has kicked in again.  Have gained extension on essay due today.  Thanks the powers that be for understanding lecturers.
  2. Hot amd muggy here - YUK!
  3. Think I'll follow J's lead and watch me some Buffy later today (he's been enjoying Season 2).
  4. Spaghetti Marinara on menu for tea - better go and get the seafood.
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Love the icon. Hate your sinusitis on your behalf. At least I had a couple of weeks off my cold before it returned. A cold that takes vacations, go figure.

I'm marking essays. Can you tell me why students don't actually read the instructions for essays? Not you, you get good marks, but otherwise sentient other students?
It perplexes me immensely how many students don't 'get' what they need to 'get' - good grief, sometimes most of the info is handed to them on a silver platter by the lecturer and they still fail!

Saw the icon somewhere, and had to have it.

I would like to go through one day where I don't feel like shit, stupid sinuses - daylight saving has thrown me fo a loop as well.
Glad the lecturer is being okay anout the essay. This must be one of the last ones you have to do?

Hope the Buffy watching goes well and that the weather either gets cooler or drier. I think Brad must have been away on a course this time last year, so I sat and watched all the Halloween episodes from Buffy and even Party Time from Angel. I don't think I could do it again.
Yep, last one for the semester, and then one more subject next year.

Cool change has come through, and it's raining as well.

All the Halloween eps - now there's an idea!
Hope the sinus problems clear up soon, and lets you get the academic thing out of the way for a month or two. Good luck with the Buffy watching. Be warned that Party Time doesn't improved with repeated viewing, though.

BTW I like the new banner. Don't recognise the words, though, if I should. Speaking of which, I was thinking of you when I put in the Eagles reference, sort of counting on my fingers saying, I'll get it, Chris'll get it, Deb'll get it and sod all the ones who're too young...
Can't place Party Time - is that the one where Gunn 'marks' his territory, and Spike gets all sociable (not a pretty sight)?

Thanks for the praise for the banner - I was quite pleased how it turned out myself. The lyrics are from the song "Throw Your Arms Around Me" by an Australian band "Hunters and Collectors", but it's been covered by a lot of other people including Pearl Jam. The Hunters version is on my mind's soundtrack of Spuffy songs - sad but true! It also includes Nick Cave's "The Ship Song" amongst others.

I think the infection is making me more slow than usual. Re bells, mission and shimmering - are we talking about checking out anytime, but never leaving?
Yep, Party Time is the one with the W & H Halloween Party, Lorne's monster from the id and Gunn's pee pee. Not worth watching twice...

I have a feeling I might have heard several people mention Hunters and Collectors, okay, they were probably all commenting in either yours or always' LJs but I've definitely heard them mentioned several times, even though I've never heard them. Similarly, my knowledge of Nick Cave is limited to a couple of tracks.

And, yep, I was talking Hotel California. Okay, I guess I got it and Chris got it...
Sorry to disappoint - I'm sure if I was at 100% I would have got it (though that's probably asking for more than I can ever give - make it 90% ...