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What "Smallville" means to me

I like Smallville.  There, I've said it.  I liked it in S1 and S2.  I liked it in S3 when I was downloading it because the f^&%$g TV station here decided not to show it.  I probably would have liked it in S4 but my d/l priorities were elsewhere.  BM and I snark at the Kents - they set our teeth on edge, they are so incredibly facile; Chloe has 'assets' that keep her interesting and she is smart - I like smart in a girl; Clark and Lana are so sickeningly sweet that we stick with them; Lex and Lionel are gorgeously and yummily bad (BM might phrase that differently).  I just wanted to get this out there before I watch the latest episode of Smallville (8 minutes and counting) ... I was a fan before any certain 'guest stars' appeared, and if that makes me sad than I've got a spare clown costume if anyone would like to join me.  Feel free to un-friend me - I am officially uncool.

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No de-friending here, I'm not cool either. :) Hope you enjoyed the latest episode.
Let's be uncool together!!

I did enjoy the latest ep (even with the distracting eye-candy!?!?!) - Lex is such a wonderful 'grey' character, I so enjoy the development of his role. BM, on the other hand, delighted in the bikini-wearing Lois ... 'nuff said.
I liked Smallville at first too, but I'll be interested to hear what you think of last night's episode....
I've always enjoyed the way the show 'plays' with the Superman ethos, and I love how they are showing the evolution of Lex from friend to foe, but hey Superman comic geek here (and watcher of the original George Reeve Superman!!). Must admit there were elements of distraction tonight (hee!) but it was nice to see JM in a continuing role, even if it felt a little odd. Spike holds a special place ...
I've loved the way it treats the whole backstory and is incorporating things from the movies, etc, but I really felt the acting, dialogue (except James - lol), etc. was horrible. And Aquaman was just.....*shudders*. I'm hoping it was an abberation and will be better in coming episodes. After all, the first two or three were pretty good - don't know what went wrong here, but too bad it happen on James' big night.
Got the feeling that Aquaman was cast for his abs (and what was with those colours) and not his cutting edge acting ability ;-)! I guess he looked fairly close to the comic version: Aquaman, in all his comic glory.

Would have to agree the quality of the first few shows has been very good - Steven DeKnight is writing the next one (even if we discount the 'vampire' storyline) so hopefully it will be better.
Heehee, well I fully admit to really liking "Everwood" and if people haven't unfriended me for *that*, you're safe :)
As long as I don't mention "Dawson's Creek" and "90210" I should be reasonably safe as well. Think "Everwood" aired here briefly (at about 3pm Sat arvo), so I missed it.