Rants, rants and more rants (mostly political and Australian)

Finally went to the doctor yesterday after deciding that the splitting headache was more than just that - sinusitis was diagnosed and I'm now on antibiotics, and already feel a hell of a lot better.  Drugs are truly wonderful. 

Now I've got the energy again I can get peeved at various things:

  1. My doctor of 15 years retired recently.  His was just a small suburban family practice - him and his daughter.   When he retired she moved into a large medical centre (pathology/x-ray dept, chemist on site, coffee shop - all the bells and whistles).  It was my first visit there yesterday, and as I was leaving I found out they don't bulk bill.  Under the Medicare system the patient doesn't have to pay if the doctor 'bulk-bills' the Federal government.  For doctors who don't bulk bill you pay up front and then receive some money back from Medicare - these doctors usually charge more than the rebate.  Yesterday's visit would have cost me $12.50 - $42.50 cost, $30.00 Medicare rebate.  They bulk-billed me anyway, as I hadn't been informed prior to the visit.  I know that we are lucky to have the Medicare system in Australia, but it irked me that my sickness yesterday seemed to be paying for the brand spanking new facility I was in, and that not only did I need to give them more of my money than the govt. has deemed an acceptable charge, but I also needed an x-ray to tell me what I already knew - my sinuses are infected.  I won't be getting the x-ray, and I won't be putting more money in their coffers, and I won't be going back to that medical practice.
  2. Don't get me started on the $100 million 'advertising' campaign for the Federal Government which is disguised as an information campaign for the new industrial laws we apparently have to have.  John Howard (our Prime Minister) is a slimy little weasel, and I hate him and all he stands for with a passion that knows no bounds.
  3. Oh, and having potential migrants sit for English exams - welcome back the "White Australia Policy".
  4. Swearing at police is an offence, but not if you do it to anyone else?  Good on you Pat O'Shane - the police just love to think they're above everyone else.   Giving the finger to a busload of coppers may offend some people but it should not be a convictable offence.  Thank God some of our judicial system still retains common sense, not to mention a sense of humour.
  5. Did I mention that I love drugs - Amoxicillin is my new God.
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There is not one doctor in the ACT that bulk bills. My doctor used to and about three years ago there was a big news item that said no more in Canberra. We pay $45 a visit at my doc (who is damn careful of me now that he really bungled the early labour thing with number three) and he is one of the cheapest. I thank God that my kids don't get sick very often. What I really don't understand is, why can't they bulk bill the bit the govt will pay for and only charge the $15 at the surgery. Why do we, while sick, have to then go to Medicare and claim the money back? Oh yeah, Howard. I don't actually begrudge the local GP's the money. I don't think the govt. is fair to expect them to pay huge insurance premiums and other costs and only charge $30 a visit. My doctor takes alot of time with his patients and is always running late. As much as the waiting really pisses me off, atleast I know he cares. And like I said, is extra careful with me now ;o)

Number two on your, that whole campaign is to tell us stuff that is already in effect. What i want to know as a voter (not that the freak will EVER get my vote) is what he's bloody changing. Dickwad!

Three. Well, Pauline had a bit of an influence after all. Bitch.

Four. Can't they go out and actually solve crime? They wasted court time and lawyer time over swearing? We allow cops to 'rough house' suspects but we can't swear? When it's almost a national pasttime? I'm in shock. suck up those drugs. Being better is such a relief.
Not one bulk billing GP - now that sucks. I don't begrudge them the money either, but as you say, it is beyond frustrating traipsing to a Medicare office to get your money back (especially since they closed so many of them, and there's usually only one impossible to get to easily, office left).

Howard makes my skin crawl, and his embracing of Hanson's ideologies - makes me even madder.

I like to lift a finger or two at the police occasionally myself - especially when they continually target P-platers, even when they're doing the right thing!!

Drugs very good. Can't believe how much better I feel already - don't know why I waited as long as I did.

Smallville is still coming, but JM only really appears extensively in the next ep, so not for a couple of weeks or so when I get the opportunity to d/l a small file of it - his screentime in the first ep was a 'blink and you miss it' type appearance.
Glad to see you've got some drugs and they are kicking in already. Hope the sinusitis is cleared up really soon. People complain non-stop over here about our National Health Service, but I think we are really lucky to have it.

O/T - did you mention that you use a download site that isn't a torrent site? Is Smallville available there?
Much the same here with Medicare, but the alternative (i.e. US health system) is downright scary.

Smallville d/ls available through Yahoo Group - don't know how 'closed' it is, talk off LJ if you want. E-mail me at
First and foremost, thank you!!! Lost and Family Guy arrived today. The boy is particularly over the moon about Family Guy (I've never seen an ep, but he and my nephew rave about it.)

I think I'll have time to watch Lost in 2006.... ::tiny pity party::

Ah, I was just singing the praises of my bulk billing doctor in a post. Of course, we live in the part of Melbourne previously known as 'The People's Republic of Brunswick', so I guess (1) more choice; (2) more left-wing people screaming at the non-bulk billers. Which is as it should be.

John Howard and George W. Bush must not only die painfully and soon and go straight to hell, but must also send a nice fireproof postcard from hell telling their respective populaces that they have belatedly seen the error of their ways, and they are desperately sorry for all the corrupt and evil shite they pulled during their pitiful lives.
BM said I was being cheap by sending the "Family Guy" eps - but I said who else would send illegally downloaded and burnt copies of episodes never to air in Oz for a Bar Mitzvah present - so go me!!!! Seriously though, I thought BIB would enjoy the eps - we still have heaps more on the hard drive if he would like them?!?!?!?!

"Lost" has apparently gone into hiatus for something called 'The World Series', so after today's ep (posting soon, with extra Family Guy if wanted) you hav e3 weeks to catch up on "Lost" before a new ep.

The bulk-billing thing just peeved me because I wanted to support the new practice - Keith was a great guy, his daughter is just greedy. My Medicare card and me (and BM and J) will seek medical assistance elsewhere - like the centre down the road that has everything, x-ray, pathology, minor surgery etc etc, in situ and charged to Medicare - my sort of place ::giddily embraces socialised medicine whilst appreciating it to the high heaven (if I believed)::

All the best for the weekend if I don't hear from you before then - I kinda figured you'd be slightly busy, and I hope you recover quickly.
I heart socialized medicine as well.

Finally got the aged parents off the couch and into their hotel bed, and the Girl and I dived into Lost. Dude, that was awesome!!! It was like my personal goddess wrote that show! First off, Hurley is the moral centre of the island. Nice to see that recognized. Second, Sawyer's new girlfriend, She-Locke (the one with the mean right hook) is perfect for him. Third, Rose! I missed the mellow one! And her hubby's okay (for now)!

Lousy world series. Worse than cricket.