I want my baby back, and other non-related matters!!

My sum total of sleep since I woke up yesterday morning at 5:30am (it's now Sunday morning 7:30am) - equals about 4 hours, but I suspect it wasn't the hacking cough and splitting headache that was the main contributor.  J was restless, and still coughing from his bout with that same virus I now have (and yes Mums all over the place, it doesn't matter how old your child is, you still wake up when you hear them in the night - must be some prehistoric maternal instinct thingie) but besides that he starts his HSC exams tomorrow, the culmination of 13 years of schooling!!  I'm pretty sure that I'm more tense and nervous than he is.  It reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Lisa or Bart are sitting for one of those standardised IQ tests, and ask the teacher if the test will affect their grades, the teacher replies "No, just your socio-economic status for the rest of your lives".  With the results from the HSC (Higher School Certificate) the students are allocated their TER (Tertiary Entrance Ranking) and UAI (University Admission Index) - no pressure guys, this result just affects what options you have open to you in your future career decisions, so on your merry way.  J starts with his first English exam tomorrow at 9am (3 hour exam), and has another 5 exams over the next three weeks (Advanced English, General Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Ancient History).  Fun time in our household - WOO HOO! 

He's also progressing through the selection process for the Australian Army Reserve - just has to find a time for the next stage, JOES (Job Options Evaluation Session), that doesn't clash with his exam timetable.  WAH ... what happened to my baby boy!!!!!

ETA: I finally know the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R - only DVD-Rs will play on my old decrepit dvd player, apparently DVD-Rs are an early dvd format and only work on about 83% of dvd players. Pity I hadn't worked that out before I burnt episodes on DVD+Rs, then thought they were no good and threw them out. Let's all have a Debbi DUH!! moment.

In a non-DebbiDuh moment - the class presentation that I thought I bombed in - I got 18.5 out of 20. Go me!

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Your life is being weighed down by acronyms! How bureaucratic your education system is.

We know you're the brightest spark around so 18.5 out of 20 is no surprise here!

That flu is the pits. Took me two weeks to get over it.
Yay you! But like kassto, don't expect me to be surprised, honey.

I feel sorry for your poor sad aching miserable self, especially with the insomnia and the worrying and the hey hey hey it hurts me. Those end of high school exams? Stupid, and not at all indicative of talent. Believe me, we get the high scorers, and they still can't write a coherent sentence.

We are both in Simpson's moods! I was channel-flipping to the classic Lisa in the spelling bee episode during commercial breaks of AI.

Last but not least, Supergirl and I thank you for the latest shipment of glee. She has written a song about you, called the Yay! Deb song. I'll have her sing it sometime.
I really would like to hear the YayDeb song ;-), and because of my idiocy with DVD-R/DVD+R, you shall receive a "Lost" episode earlier than normal. VM will be forthcoming.